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4 hours ago, Raven said:

"It would appear so. I would like to know what's going on here."

(my nets have been in and out due to the ice/snow storm and we had and get one more coming: fun times -_-)

Blue found himself blinking,  seeing hearing the sound of confused voices along the herd he had just found himself with.  Turning, the new faces looked as surprised as they where now their numbers growing.  Long lost friends find the other and rejoice in finding their friend after a time apart.  

Taking a moment he let his left ear drop, feeling like he let down Raven by being there or trying his best.    "Raven, do you know any spells that might mimic our auras or energy in case Bug Queen might be tracking us or even spying on us? Something that might throw off our scent in the way?  Given how there is more of us,  we are kinda shouting " HERE WE ARE!" "  Blue asked, his thoughts back on his uncle's talks.

Taking a glance at the new ponies his mind started to think a bit....

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1 hour ago, Tao said:

Raven, do you know any spells that might mimic our auras

Raven thought for a moment. "I can try, but with so many of us, it probably won't work completely." He horn glowed and she murmured some spell. A dark orb enveloped the group. It was translucent, not opaque, making the area look like it was cast in twilight.

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2 minutes ago, Raven said:


Raven thought for a moment. "I can try, but with so many of us, it probably won't work completely." He horn glowed and she murmured some spell. A dark orb enveloped the group. It was translucent, not opaque, making the area look like it was cast in twilight.

Silverspark:was seeing all these ponies being small like she is she can easily get trampled she try avoiding other pony legs and there is clear area to flying teleportation take a lot of concentration when there is many distractions she would jump on backs of ponies just so she can get through "exuse me pardon me "she said politely and was hopping from back to back  through a river of backs suddenly on a back of a white unicorn in a blue cloak @Brony Number 42 Raven she haven't met she landed softy so she doesn't  ruin her magic using but stopped to watch her work she like watching older ponies like unicorns using magic and pegasus flying and punching clouds and bringing weather like rain snow and sun shine and see eart ponies grow the food seeing there is a lot of ponies here all wanting to be out of this place but hearing about the changlings still out there from another pony Name Blue @Taoshe don't  mean to list in the conversation yet she spoke "what if we could set up some traps in case there is a huge of them coming I thing I have some material left to make them in my saddlebag"she said

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On 2/26/2023 at 6:52 PM, Dynamo Pad said:

As the couple made their way back into the maze, Dynamo looked around as he tried to gather their bearings. "Hey, Caramel." He says, grabbing her attention as he pointed at the hoof trails. "It looks like if we follow the trail, then we'll run into them. By the look of how many hoof trails there are, then that might be the group." He would say, using a light spell to illuminate their surroundings as they continued to follow the path. In no time, they managed to locate and catch up to the group. "Hey, guys! Wait for us!" He called out towards @Sir Hugsalot Vibrant and the others. "Sorry about that. Caramel wanted to make sure one of the changelings was tied up and I wanted to make sure to provide cover." Looking over towards @Skylight Scintillate, Dynamo nodded as he listened to his friend's remark. "It's actually from when I was playing video games. Some of the games Final Fantasy, Pokemon and other such games that have their own unique magic. After studying magic at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, I remember we learned about elemental magic. I wondered if recreating video games with elemental magic would work or be the same thing. However, I managed to create my own style of magic called video game magic. There was that one time that you saw that spell, but it wasn't like it was now. During the time you, Twinkle and Sealight helped me to defeat Cosmic, I summoned up that magic as he wanted to cause more trouble. Thankfully, they left, but it was wanting to defend you guys that I managed to find that magic from within." He would say as he recalled the old memory

Skylight seemed to recall that memory too. "Oh yeah, I remember that!" she remarked. "Between you and me, I think that we could be a really powerful magical duo." 

On 2/27/2023 at 2:53 PM, Vibrant Grove said:

@GeneralDirection @Skylight Scintillate @ChrysalisM @Dynamo Pad @AuroraGlimmer@Brony Number 42 @TheRockARooster @Sparklefan1234 @Tao @Moonlight Wane

Vibrant saw that ponies started gathering up. With changelings defeated there was no reason for them to stay. "Follow me!" said Vibrant as he started trotting down the same route that was previously taken by Raven, Roswell, Wind Walker and Blue. He hoped to catch up with them before any trouble would do so first. 

There was no time to look back, Vibrant was hoping that nopony decided to stay behind. Soon Vibrant felt like he saw silhouettes of ponies he was looking for in the distance. Curiously enough there seemed to be 5th pony. Who might that be? 


Skylight glanced around, a bit nervous about going back into the maze, but she didn't exactly want to stick around to be attacked by changelings either. Although she didn't think Vibrant knew the way out, she didn't have any better ideas, so she followed Vibrant.

On 2/27/2023 at 7:23 PM, Nebel said:

@Skylight Scintillate@Dynamo Pad@AuroraGlimmer@Sir Hugsalot@ChrysalisM

With all the changelings dealt with, it was time to move on from here and unite with the rest of the group. Nebel followed along quietly, taking the opportunity to analyze the recent events he had just witnessed. Skylight had proved herself to be a capable fighter, even if her methods were a tad unorthodox, she got the job done. More importantly, her, along with the others, all came to the aid of their friends when it was needed, and that was what mattered most to him. Dynamo had proven to be a valuable ally, showcasing his magical prowess in the fight. Caramel had shown them that she had some offensive spells in her repertoire, something that he hadn’t expected but he was glad to have learned. They also gained Ix, the newest member of the group. Only time would tell what other special things they were capable of. All these thoughts would permeate through his mind as he followed along to wherever they were headed next.

"Hey Nebel," Skylight asked seemingly out of the blue, "Do you have any powers or abilities?"

On 2/28/2023 at 3:45 PM, Tangled Roots said:

@Astral Soul showing Tree Song the monocle, should she peer through it, it would suddenly read "By the power of aimless hatred melted into amicable union..." The stones belonging to Magloria and Frostbite @Props @Cagey stones would suddenly ignite. "By the presence of innocence of two magical fillies of opposite origins..." and then @Sycofear13 @Silverspark183 's stones would ignite. "With the musical notes of deep mysteries and tea along with creativity..." Sophie's gem would glow from the first sentence, Tree Song's @Silly Druid 's would glow after 'mysteries' and @Astral Soul's gem would glow with 'tea' being read out loud... 'and with Creativity' would have @Reality Check's stone glow. "The union of pure love shall get you through senseless division..."

Everyone would step back as the door would suddenly crack open, dust crumbling to the ground as a bright light would flash and consume them all.

As the immersion of this new realm consumed them, they'd find themselves completely pulled in through the door -- each and every one of them until they'd all find themselves on the other side of the wall. A wall of moss and some green resin underneath occasionally

It would be around the time that @Moonlight Wane and Raven @Brony Number 42 were being lead deeper into the forest wary of changlings before a small pile of ponies, Silky included, collapsing upon the poor Batpony as she'd gently rub her forehead in confusion.

It was both dramatic and anti-climactic. The "prize at the other end of the door" was not the meeting of the mane six or anything legendary in the least. If anything, the division between Mossy Wall and Tangled Roots would be no more as the teams would now merge.

Stage 3: Confused horse noises

(From here, everyone, regardless of division can now post and react) 


"What," was all that Skylight was able to say when the groups suddenly reunited. She stared at the other group in shock. "So we come back together just like that? What happened to you all?" she asked.

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@Skylight Scintillate

“Huh?” Nebel looks up, his thoughts interrupted by Skylight’s question. “Oh, um, well, not really.” He replied quietly. “I don’t really know what it is that I’m supposed to be able to do. My magic is kind of a disaster, so I don’t use it if I can help it." He admits with a bit of sadness in his voice. "That’s why I learned martial arts instead, as you might’ve noticed back there.”

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