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The recent purchases thread


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Left: Something about my Driver's License err..I dunno'. Says $70 but only paid $30.

Right: Big Lots reciept. Bought a huge computer stand, a fanboard, and a power strip for my laptop. Like $60.

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An Asus VS229H-P IPS monitor (marginally improved color gamut FTW) and what better way to showcase that than by taking a picture of it with a craptastic camera!




It looks great in person I swear.


Plus a Nokia N900.



Posted Image



The Nokia has yet to come in but I can't fuzzing wait. Finally, after 2 years, the killing of Maemo and Meego, and Nokia turning into a winphone only shop, I buy the phone I should have bought in the first place.

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I got the Discord Dangiz shirt from Hot topic that was in the bargain bin for pretty much 13 bucks... for the price of most pony shirts out there, that was a steal!

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Most recent thing I bought was a can of Monster Rehab.

I think I have a new favourite drink.


I loved Monster Rehab when I drank energy drinks. I miss them so much.


On topic, the last thing I bought was some CRAPdonalds. Two double cheeseburger, plain, with only extra cheese. Large fry, and a large unsweet tea. :wub:

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