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Cold Showers, Yay! or N-n-neigh!


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I cannot go straight into a cold shower without feeling a shock to the system, so I usually start showers with warm water, go hot for a bit, then go cold.

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I take a cold shower every morning and sometimes in the evening. I started doing this 8 years ago. About once a year I take an ice bath, I stay in the tub for 1 minute, then dive for 3 seconds and then I get out of the bath. One day I wanted to check how long I could stand under a cold shower, I managed to stand for 5 minutes. I like the cold.

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It's difficult to force yourself to take them, but I did indeed notice that my skin was quite glowing for the time when I was taking cold showers. The nice part is that it does not need to be frigid per se; it just needs to not be particularly hot. Tepid water will not hurt your skin; it is specifically hot water that can inflame or dehydrate your skin and hair.

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