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Flailing Dinosaurs

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I did this a few hours ago on my bedroom wall o3o Dawn... why are you wallpony? XD Her anatomy is a little screwy, but other than that... wait, no. her coat color DX She's not the right color at all ;-; I used acrylic paint, so the coat color looked hella lot lighter... and then it dried. Now her color's more like Cherilee almost... :\ frustrating. Ohwell. XD


This is my first painting... ever, so, I think it turned out fairly well!


Sorry about how suckish the pic is :\ the paint is fairly... shiny XD Curse you, reflective acrylic paint! Alas, it's the only paint I have ;-; Trust me, it looks way better in person.


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What do you mean the pic is suckish? The pic looks nice! anyway, what's with the clawish thing in the right hoof? Is it a smudge? Or is it part of the design?

I usually take pics that could be used in calenders, so this looks more like something you'd see in a bad Ebay add to me XD The claw, or rather, it's a blade, but my brush decided it needed to be curved... is part of her design, yes. Because I always seem to have the bazar characters like that... :\ ohwell XD

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