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Which would you choose?



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  1. 1. Which Pill would you choose?

    • Yellow Pill
    • Green Pill
    • Blue Pill
    • Orange Pill
    • Red Pill
    • Pink Pill
    • Grey Pill
    • Black Pill

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well lets see... the yellow and black pill is a dumb power because people can learn to block you from reading there minds and many humans already can read minds and see into the future(i can see into the future and i can tell you it's does not work like in the moives. You have to have context for what it means, like i saw the benghazi attack back in 2008 but i had no idea when it was going to happen ).


the grey pill now that could be cool because i could have a  Nimitz-class aircraft carrier all for myself or build a gundam for myself. also i saw a anime were a witch could do that  and it was cool.


the red well if some used a glue trap on me i would be SOL and power and speed are not all that(if someone took your head of you still would die.)


the pink, well that just evil magic.  Sound like something Queen Chrysalis  would do and also love can go to far (just watch  Lesson Zero)


orange pill is best if you want to get rich like on the moive Limitless .



i like both the green pill and blue alot so it would be a hard pick.  I could shapeshift yourself into anything I could  imagine would would be cool but then i could turn into a monster and people could try to kill me and also people what to kill anything that look like a animal.


I would pick the blue because it's the best one there. My other job as a death weapon meister i am always going around the fighting evil humans  soul and  witchs so not getting hurt when fight is a + and it would save on airfare.


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I’d go with the orange one, assuming it also covers intellectual abilities like learning a language or how to play a musical instrument. Otherwise I’d go with the blue; it would make travel so fun and convenient.

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Gosh, I wouldn't know what pill to take since it feels like cheating for me.. but if I really have to choose, I would take the black one since you can help so many people with it! Like warning them of natural disasters.

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Take ALL the pills :kirin:!


holy crud, the yellow pill can let you put people in a coma :wau: . What would be “necessary” to want do to that :wacko: ?

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The orange pill would be the most beneficial for me. The pink one would be highly beneficial as well so long as I choose when to turn it off. I touch them and choose to turn it off as opposed to accidentally touching them and it turns off.

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Hm which will gain me the greatest advantage in life? Yellow to read minds to gain favors or just simply have the people ‘love’ you to gain favors? I suppose I will choose pink because less work since I could just snapped my finger and the world will fall for me. As I would say, ‘you’re only worth my love if you learned to hate me.’ :LunaMCM:

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The green pill is clearly the worst one - I honestly can say I don't think I'd ever use that ability even if it were given to me for free. Maybe a bird so I could fly, but then that's what the blue pill is for.

Speaking of which, why would I need to fly if I could just teleport? The blue pill is useful but very oddly designed.

The pink pill is also awful - it doesn't specify what type of love, and the love dies as soon as you touch them? Not to mention that it's a completely inauthentic basis for a relationship... I'm out.

The grey one is somewhat useful, but boring. Machines are designed to be controlled by humans as they are, so the only reason I'd have for wanting to control one with my mind is that I'm lazy. Pass.

The black pill is powerful but ultimately terrifying, and plus would the future not change with each given second as people set a new course of events into motion through their actions?

The orange pill is insanely overpowered. While I'd love the idea that I could instantly master anything (thus probably also ensuring you a lifetime supply of money in a variety of disciplines), it'd take the fun out of life. Nothing would be a struggle and you'd never grow through hardships - not for me.

The yellow pill is also insanely powerful. Unlike the orange pill, I think that it *would* make life more interesting - but the problem is that I'd be using it constantly. I'd be scanning everyone's brains the whole time to see what they're thinking about and my curiosity would ultimately drive me crazy. Not to mention that there's a good chance that what I'd see would sicken me.

So I guess I'd take the red pill. Powerful, and useful, but wouldn't turn you into some kind of alien with either otherworldly or inconvenient abilities. I could live a relatively normal life and still do all the things that I'd enjoy, I'd just be a little better at some of them. Sounds good to me.

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