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Life Size Pony  

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  1. 1. If you were to purchase a Life Size MLP would you want...Size

    • It to be large (nearly 3 Ft tall x 4 ft long x 2ft wide) (.9144mx1.22m x .61m
    • Medium (2Ftx2.75ftx1.25ft) (.61m x .84m x .381m)
    • Small (1.5Ftx2Ftx1Ft) (.4572m x .61m x.3048m)
  2. 2. Softness vs Definition of Features and Quality

    • it be totally soft
    • Rigid with every bit quality and shape to it
    • Somewhere in between
  3. 3. Fabric

    • Would you want Faux Fur and quality hair for the mane and tail
    • Or yarn and Felt

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Im in the process of creating the Mane 6 IRL life sized and was wondering what your preferences would be. They would be debuted at BroNY Con in June, Pls post your choices in the thread below.


I will answer any questions you may have, excluding pictures, they will be available towards the end of march april.

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But I don't know how long a "feet" is! :(


Can you please put Feet/Meters because I do not know how much one feet is.





ive converted them in the poll, sorry i was being ignorant


Well somewhere inbetween is a hard center but foam under the fur so its soft about 1-2 inched and than a little harder, they are not just plushies.

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