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OOC Golden Corruption ((Inquisition RP!))

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As the demonic threat continues across Equestria, the secretive Inquisition continues its work- protecting the common ponies from corruption, all while searching for the way to end the incursion...



The small village of Golden Pines has been isolated from ponykind for the better part of fifty years. While that is good in several different ways, it is also a bad thing, as any corruption that might assert itself into the populance may just fester for several decades...


After the Inquisition of Twilight picked up energy signals suggesting a strong demonic presence in the area, the council was quick to deploy a squad of Inquisitors into the area with the intent of discovering the origin of the signal and destroying it if possible. As the Council busies itself pick which Inquisitors, if is determined that Lord Inquisitor Moon Crypt and his deputy Inquisitor My'Kola would lead the operations on the ground.

But with the signal growing stronger by the hour, how long do they have before it becomes something to really be worried about...?



Welcome to the RP! This is supposed to be a fun adventure RP that will allow us to develop the Inquisition as well as provide me with something that might tie in with the movie coming out soon, the Last Page!


But before we get into anything, the rules.


1. No godmodding, powerplays, Mary Sues... you know, the whole rub.

2. No alicorn OCs- although, as long as the alicorn is not overpowered, you may choose to saw off teh wings, the horn or, possibly, both.

3. No dragons, demons, or villains.

4. I am the DM. Listen to me, please.

5. As Inquisitors are passionate ponies, romance is allowed- indeed, encouraged! But keep it PG-13, please.

6. This is going to be a darker RP with all types of fun descriptions of blood and gore- these are demons we are dealing with. You have been warned.

7. Keep swearing down to a minimum, please. Pony swears are recommended, but not required.

8. Do not use this as an excuse to change your OC's affiliation if you submitted it in the Character Collect thread, as it is very irritating to me- especially since I am the one sorting your OCs.

9. Only two characters per player max, please.


To play, I need a character link and the branch of the pony in question.

You can find a description of the branches below!


And thank you once again for considering to join!



Branch of Celestia


The Branch of Celestia is the major branch of the Inquisition, and the first branch officially considered a military asset for combat. Proud and strong, the Branch of Celestia is known for its bold strides forward and its strong military skills, whether it be on the front lines or in a general's seat. Due to their consistent loyalty, the  Branch of Celestia has also become the figurehead for the entire Inquisition, as these are one of the few Inquisitors that you will ever meet face to face.



Branch of Luna


The Branch of Luna is another major branch, but less known then their brethren in the Branch of Celestia. They are the spies, the saboteurs, and the assassins- they encompass the shadier side of the Inquisition. All of them know that their missions are never for personal gain, but, after extended service in the branch, several ponies become so stressed out to the point where many retire to the Canterlot Mental Facility to keep their heads straight on course. The Branch of Luna is considered by many to be new, for they kept their heads down during Luna's thousand year banishment to the moon.



Branch of Cadence


The Branch of Cadence is responsible for services rendered to the populace. With their home base in the Crystal Empire, it is rare to see one, even compared to other Inquisitors. They focus on ridding the land of corruption and recovering the populace of those such corrupted leaders. The branch of Cadence is one of the youngest Branches of the Inquisition, and thus, not well known.



Branch of Twilight


 The Branch of Twilight is the newest branch of the Inquisition, and their job is shady indeed. They specialize in knowledge- forbidden knowledge- and demonancy. Currently, only a handful of Inquisitors are in this branch, and this is the way Celestia wants to keep it, until she deems Princess Twilight ready to accept the fact that she had inherited the most dangerous job in the entire Inquisition...



Silver Guard


 The Silver Guard is a group of elite guardsponies that have been selected by the Inquisitor-Captain Soulhammer to protect Canterlot- and, more importantly, the Princesses. They never paint their armor with heraldry- further emphasizing the fact that they are all equal- and they are always where the Princesses are. Even if you think that all that's between them and the populace are two highly-decorated guards, think again- somewhere within eyesight of the Princesses are at least a squad of Silver Guard, ready to defend their mistresses until death.



Black Legion


The Black Legion is a group of faceless, black warriors- to those on the outside. On the inside, they are the most dangerous known ponies in the world, and they like to keep it that way. They are trained to look for any sort of corruption within the ranks and to immediately snuff it out any means possible. They are the demon specialists- in a full scale demon incursion, these are the ones on the front lines. Only one group in all of Equestria knows more about demons than they do, and they often find themselves fighting alongside them- the Demontouched...





1. Sunny Caramel (Cadence) (Aerodynas) http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/sunny-caramel-r4455

2. Lee (Luna) (David Pyro) http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/lee-r5034

3. Chain Mail (Black Legion) (GameyTheGeemer) http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/chain-mail-r4581

4. David Pocket (Celestia) (Dave Pyro) http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/david-pocket-r4872

5. Dusk Shadow (Luna) (Lask) http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/dusk-shadow-r4871

6. Guardian Angel (Awaiting Branch) (Rokkurin) http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/guardian-angel-r4776

7. Solar Sentinal (Celestia) (Skycoaster) http://mlpforums.com/page/eqw-characters/_/approved/solar-sentinel-r22

8. Reserved (Queenie)

9. Reserved (Queenie)

10. Charcoal Embers (Luna) (Charcoal Embers) http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/charcoal-embers-r4028

11. Jaeger (Black Legion) (Frosty V) http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/jaeger-r4111

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Can I join? I have a rouge changeling simply named Lee. The link to him is in the description. He'd probably be in the Luna branch or black legion due to his abilities in deception and shape shifting.

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Can I play as Chain Mail (link in sig) as a member of the Black Legion. While he's officially a soldier on his sheet, he learns things like that. Also it looks like the Black Legion is the soldiers that have gone beyond normal soldiers.

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@, All changelings are part of the Luna branch, because Moon Crypt is the only one who will take them in as apprentices. But other than that, accepted!


And, for your David Pocket, acccepted! But two is your max...


@@GameytheGeemer, It is indeed beyond the normal soldier, Gamey. Welcome aboard!


@, I wonder if... hmm. Accepted.


@@Rokkurin, All is in order, but I need you to choose a branch, please...



Wow! Look at the speed with which people joined!


The RP will be starting in a few hours. Once it starts, no one else is getting in! So join while you can!


And don't worry if you miss out- I have another RP like this that will be coming out soon after this one gets underway... 

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Please mark me down as a reserve. I will likely be using Carys under the Luna branch or Silver Guard, or Olive or Adlais (who is in the process of being updated) under the Twilight branch, but I am undecided.


EDIT: Since no one is in Silver Guard or Twilight I'd be happy to RP two characters if need be.

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Frosty V has just messaged me and told me that he will be joining with one of his characters. I'm closing the applications, as having a herd of Inquisitors just won't work, but keep an eye out for another RP like it soon!

The roleplay will start in a few hours. Stay tuned, everypony!

@@Aerodynas@, @@GameytheGeemer, @, @@Skycoaster, @@Charcoal Embers,


The RP is up!




Enjoy, my friends! And hopefully, we can have a good time. :D

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I may change to Loveless; she's a bit like Carys, but they're mortal enemies, so. XD

Decided I will be Silver Guard and Twilight as they need people. c:

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Ok, actually, could I retract my David Pocket submission? I'm able to usually work the best when he's a little bonkers and has Poe to talk to. Also, I have his bio configured for a different RP at the moment.

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