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S04:E06 - Power Ponies

Yellow Diamond

S04:E06 - Power Ponies  

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Wait…Wait wait wait. Pinkie was moving on her mane and the floor was still being washed…

The laws of What can be done and what can't be done hsve been broken yet again.


Thank goodness Pinkie and her antics came along to be the nutty life of the episode this time

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Rarity said "Spikey-Boo" and it was adorable :squee:


And the guy that was just like "Grr! *zap* My hair!" was hilarious.


And Fluttershy has made some really adorable expressions.


This episode is better than I was expecting.

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post-10598-0-69161800-1387641670.jpg This image is now extremely relevant. I loved this episode, though. Rarity was possibly the best of the Power Ponies--and overall great episode! Probably my new favorite. I wanted to cry for spike a few times. He was feeling so bad. :[ 

Song for people to make on Pony.fm:

(I have the full lyrics and can figure something out if someone wants to arrange a piece, I'd love to work with them)

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Looks like we're gonna get five-word responses about Flutterhulk.


I can't really say anything, because I missed the first half of the episode due to a force-lock into some stupid karaoke commercial.

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