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Was it easy for you guys to make friends on the forums?


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It was, actually. I know that it sounds really corny and overplayed, but generally on this website, if you go out onto the forums and are authentic and pleasant, the community reciprocates in a major way. To anyone who is just starting out here, that would be my advice. It's not always going to be immediate, results-wise, but eventually I guarantee that you'll gain real friends that way.:grin:

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What friends? You mean random people I talk with in forum posts?

I don't think I easily make friends. Can be friends, but theres a difference between friends, and good friends.

Yes, I am on the spectrum. What used to be called Asberger. 

Being open minded helps me to avoid fake people, and toxic people. 

I feel like this post made it sound worse then it is.

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