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  1. @TheRockARooster What is your favorite dessert? Have you ever traveled outside of Australia? If so, where? If not, where would you like to go? What is your favorite scent?
  2. It’s amazing how good it can feel to splash cold water in your face every once in awhile.


    1. Xeltor


      It wakes you up :orly: 

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      Lucky Bolt

      Especially after a long day working in the heat of the day :scoots:

  3. After listening to each student introduce themselves, Wolf anxiously awaited the teacher to talk more about herself. She wanted to get a good idea of what sort of person she is and more importantly, what kind of teacher she would be. Wolf had heard many stories of how a lot of the instructors at UA were no nonsense. @Renegade the Unicorn @Dynamo Pad @Jedishy @Arid_Blitz @Drago Ryder @TBD ”It’s very nice to meet all of you. You all have unique abilities...some of the most interesting I have ever come across. Don’t get too excited by that compliment, though. That doesn’t mean you’re the best by any stretch. You have a lot of training, honing, sweating, bleeding, and crying to do if you want to be a pro hero. I am here to ensure that you all become some of the best heroes this world has ever seen. Now, I’d like to get an idea of your weaknesses. I know that you touched on them a bit but I want to hear about them in their entirety; specifications and all. We have a training camp scheduled soon. Here, we will focus on your quirks and surround you with your weaknesses so you can learn to push through them or, better yet, overcome them. The latter isn’t likely, however, as everyone has a weakness no matter who they are or how much they’ve trained. I’ll start with you again, Wolf” ”Oh, well, when I am overloaded with emotion, I turn “rabid”. If I become too stressed, I lose it. Let’s say if I find out that a close friend of mine has been killed. I would probably lose it... That’s an example of an extreme case, though. Smaller things can set me off. If someone calls me “weak”... I can’t stand to remain calm. I hate that word...” Wolf explained, trailing off with a sad look on her face. ”Noted. Next? Also, be short. I don’t need a life story” Haze stated.
  4. I am nearsighted. I noticed that my vision started to suck in late grade school - early middle school (I think). I have always worn glasses; not contacts. Never contacts. Why? My eyes are incredibly sensitive. I cannot tolerate any object getting near them. I know that people insist that getting contacts in isn’t that bad but that just shows how little you understand how sensitive my eyes really are.
  5. Even though my town is tiny tiny, we do have a Subway sandwich, which I go to often. We also have a Pizza Hut but that’s incorporated inside of a gas station.
  6. ♥️ Shoto Todoroki ♥️


  7. OOC: This is the order posting will progress: 1. Me 2. Renegade The Unicorn 3. Dynamo Pad 4. Jedishy 5. Arid_Blitz 6. Drago Ryder 7. TBD You will have 48 hours to contribute a post. Wolf slowly made her way through the various hallways, carefully looking at each classroom number to ensure that she didn’t miss her assigned room. “Well, this is it. I am now an official student of UA! I am going to have to make an impressive impression if I want to come across as true hero potential. I know that I passed the entrance exam with no problem but now, i’ll be in close quarters with a select group of students with their own unique quirk who also passed that exam; some probably getting a better score than me... I can’t be afraid. I have to let them know that I just as fierce and capable as them” Walking up a flight of stairs, she turned a corner and came to the closed door of classroom 111. This was it; the new class of 1-C. Wolf takes a deep inhale and let’s it go in an attempt to release any remaining anxiety. ”Well, here goes nothing” she whispers to herself as she opens the door. ”It’s empty. I must be the first student here. Am I early? No. Am I in the wrong place? I can’t be. I remember specifically reading the number 111 on my enrollment sheet” Wolf takes a seat in the middle desk in the front row. ”I suppose I’ll wait here!”
  8. Role play: This is the OOC for the New Heroes: My Hero Academia Role Play. Members: @Renegade the Unicorn @TBD @Dynamo Pad @Jedishy @Arid_Blitz @Drago Ryder @TBD Hey, guys! Welcome aboard to this brand new role play inspired by this awesome anime. Let me lay down some rules/regulations... - Please post taking turns. Make one post and then wait. This will help prevent confusion and unnecessary subplots. - ASK BEFORE EXECUTING SUBPLOTS. - If you would like to exit the role play, please let me and everyone else know before resigning from the role play officially. - I will take the role as a made up instructor (name and quirk pending). Please provide recommendations if you have any! - The existence of canon characters will be discussed at a later time. Check back for more details soon! I am pretty busy but I will always get to things.
  9. NO LONGER ACCEPTING PARTICIPANTS Knowledge of anime required! Hello, guys I am searching for users to take part in a My Hero Academia-themed role play. I am searching for at least three-five users with MHA OCs (one each). The OCs will be attending UA and in their first year in Hero class/course 1-C. This will be taking place where the anime left off (end of season three). If you are interested, post information about your OC using the following template (please, no incredibly overpowered OCs. That’s no fun) Name: Hero name: Gender: Age: Quirk: Appearance: Extra details (keep it short): At this point, I am unsure if I will include canon characters or not. At the very least, I want to include the teachers. I did this with a past role play and it was difficult managing them with OCs. If you have any recommendations on how to more easily execute canon characters, please post them below. My MHA OC: Name: Wolf Hero name: Wolf Gender: Female Age: 17 Quirk: “Wolf” She has wolf ears, wolf tail, sharp canines, has increased hearing abilities, can run faster on all fours than on two legs, has long/sharp nails, has increased sense of smell, and can communicate with all canines. Extra details: When Wolf becomes extremely upset, she turns “rabid” and attacks anything and everything. She needs someone to hold her back and calm her down. Appearance (in her hero uniform): Will add more details/rules soon!