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  1. I’ll take a shot at it!
  2. I had the best dog today for a grooming appointment: a 2 month old Golden Retriever puppy 💕 His name is Otto and was just so precious. He did really well too! I couldn’t stop giving him kisses.

    1. ShadOBabe


      Ugh, JEALOUS!! XD 

    2. Sparklefan1234


      @Bakugou is my Man I think they're waiting to hug you, BFFFF. 


      e2219902296af74286c8839649a9b135.gif :squee:

    3. TomDaBombMLP
  3. I write fan fiction. Yes, I know a good amount of fan fictions are absolutely terrible but I have a a good amount of loyal followers of Wattpad. No, I don’t write MLP stories. I write insert stories about male anime characters (shocker).
  4. @OG CHUCK Altered this thread’s title to give it better context. I have also moved it to Media Discussion. No. They aren’t the nicest websites but it comes down to being free to say whatever you want and the Internet is the place to do that. I am against censorship. If you’re offended by a website, don’t visit it. It’s that simple. I am actually a member of Kiwi but I stay away from a lot of the threads there.
  5. What was your most difficult battle with a Totem Pokémon and why? It can be from either Sun/Moon or Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Yes, I know these battles are much easier for us experiences players but even we experience toughies. The Totem Pokémon I had the most difficult time with was Lurantis from Ultra Sun. Thanks to the sunlight, its solar beam was able to hit without charging and that is already a powerful move. I battled that thing 5 times until I won.
  6. Did anyone else just straight up not care for Sugar Belle? She was forgettable and boring.

  7. Does anyone else have a cat that sometimes bites & scratches your legs whilst walking? My cat does this and my legs are covered in scratches.

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    2. China (100% NOT China)

      China (100% NOT China)

      I hope you were or are not declawing.

      Do you speak against him instantly after he does that? Maybe he just wants to play?

      Does he have a toy or wall to scratch at?

      You could wear high socks lol.

    3. Bakugou is my Man

      Bakugou is my Man

      No, he isn’t declawed. I decided against that procedure after we realized he wasn’t scratching our furniture. And of course he does, lol. He has 2 scratching posts and plenty of toys. I couldn’t call myself a vet tech if I don’t treat my animals right! He receives negative reinforcement when he does this. I spray him with water from a small bottle.

    4. China (100% NOT China)

      China (100% NOT China)

      Is it a youngster?

      Is he doing anything prior to that, any behavior that is remarkable?

      I know that declawing is unfortunately pretty popular in the US and is pretty horrible. I encourage you to shortly research on the web what consequences declawing has for the cat.

  8. I got my nails done with my sister today. It was nice! :Rara:

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    2. EpicEnergy


      Sounds like you had a good time doing that! I'm glad it was fun! ^_^

    3. Bakugou is my Man

      Bakugou is my Man


      I chose a black with sparkles and made my middle finger nails pink!

    4. China (100% NOT China)

      China (100% NOT China)

      I wasn't aware of your sister is a tool for that.

  9. I sincerely hope someone tells me I’ve won an infinite amount of money...and means it.
  10. @HeavenSunset When someone first joins staff, they start out as a sectional (Wonderbolt). After being a sectional for 6 months to a year, they can be promoted to a moderator (Royal Guard). After about a year of that position, they may be able to become an administrator. Not everyone who is a moderator becomes one. Most moderators are content with staying as such. The reason you noticed that all administrators have been long time members is because they were the ranks under administrator for a long time themselves. Hell, I was a moderator for 3 years before I became an administrator. It all comes down to how much experience you have as each rank of staff. Now that this question has been answered, it will be closed.
  11. I really want some sweet, fruity iced tea. I would drive to the gas station 6 minutes away to get a few cold bottles but they close early due to the virus.

    First world problems :ButtercupLaugh:

    1. ShadOBabe
    2. EpicEnergy


      That's upsetting, I hope you can get the tea tomorrow! :fluttershy:

  12. Excuse me for asking this incredibly obvious question but I need clarification. Does this mean we can’t post anything relating to these topics outside of the DS or only if it already exists as a topic in there? Whatever the rule is, it won’t be an issue for me. I steer away from topics like these altogether. I just wanted to make sure ~
  13. I tried white chocolate filled with caramel for the first time today. It tastes good but also really different. I’m not sure if I like it or not..

  14. @Pony of the Plagued There was a temporary issue with permissions when it came to newer accounts. This has been fixed so you should be able to post topics in there now. Closing ~
  15. I know a lot of people didn’t care for Hop but I really like him. His constant optimism is charming! I like him better than Hau even though he was great too.

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    2. China (100% NOT China)

      China (100% NOT China)

      Hop & Hau kommen aus ihrem Bau

    3. Schattenherz


      @China (100% NOT China)

      Yes, those are characters from Pokémon Sword/Shield and Pokémon Sun/Moon respectively. :coco:

    4. SpittyPie2005⚡️⚡️


      I-I thought we were talking about that movie Hop...faceplams*

  16. Hunter x Hunter reference? This post has my 100% approval.
  17. Every now and again, a user that has been a regular user here for a long time departs from this site permanently. Each user has their own reasons for leaving and I can understand that. Even though this website has changed over the years, I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. This website is like another home to me. No matter how drastically it alters, I won’t go. Of course, one day, I will. I don’t see myself as an 85 year old woman visiting this site Do you plan on staying for the long haul like me, not sure, or are you leaving soon?
  18. I’m feeling really betrayed right now. Are you serious with this? Way to lie...twice :dry:

  19. Farming those armorite ores ~

    1. Sparklefan1234


      I thought you were farming for armoires for a second there. ^_^

  20. I don’t know why but I have always loved Lunatone. It’s just so cool. Definitely one of my favorites 🌙 


    1. China (100% NOT China)

      China (100% NOT China)

      Imagine if it was based of the Soul Eater moon

  21. Hey, there! Anyone willing to draw me up an avatar I will use off-site? It will be of my pony OC holding a pride flag in her mouth. It will be similar to @Twisted Cyclone 🚓 avatar’s concept but obviously not the exact same same. PM me for details!
  22. Appletun is seriously one of the cutest Pokémon.


  23. DiD yOu JuSt AsSuMe ThAt VeHiClE iDeNtIfIEs As A cAr?
  24. I have access to your original signature so I can use that as a reference!