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  1. Any picture I put up in posts keep disappearing. *_* It's very strange - they'll last a limited period of time before "breaking". I can post an image, and it'll show up. Then I'll check back a couple hours later and it'll be broken.
  2. As you can probably tell by now this is my favorite face I've ever seen Pinkie do! XD
  3. Granny Smith X Philomena before becoming a Phoenix.
  4. As a 27 year old blank flank, I agree! I'd really love to see it done. At least I think it'd be easier if there were a pony without a cutie mark. It already seems pretty set in stone that once you've got your cutie mark, that's it. That's your special talent.
  5. Least favorite: The Gala song. Favorite: Smile, Smile, Smile; Babs Seed; Apples to the Core; Bats, Bats, Bats. (Sorry! I couldn't pick just one fav song!)
  6. I already dye my hair any color I want! XD <for some reason my pic link keeps breaking> O_o I always usually go with pinks, blues, greens, purples, lilacs... Princess Celestia-ish colors I guess, lol. I'd love to try to copy Princess Cadences hair colors at some point though! That'd be awesome.
  7. I started watching FIM in around 2012, but I only really recently started referring to myself as a brony. I was a fan of the show before, but wasn't fond of the label "brony" ~ what it "meant" to other people in some bs derogatory sense, but since plunging into the show and fandom this year, I've discovered just how much this show and it's fanbase actually mean to me. MLP: FIM is helping me through some seriously difficult times in my life. I have issues with stress, anxiety, depression, and situations in my life that are truly testing me. I go through periods in which different characters mean different things to me; I absolutely idolize the characters. - If I'm feeling sad and depressed, I'll idolize Pinkie Pie. If I'm feeling down on my body image, I'll idolize Rarity. If I feel I need a boost for my work ethic, I'll idolize Applejack. If I feel like I'm getting slack with exercise, I'll idolize Rainbow Dash. If I feel like my bitterness is getting me down, I'll idolize Fluttershy. If I feel like I want to boost my confidence with studying, I'll idolize Twilight Sparkle. This show taps into my every extreme strength, every extreme weakness, and tells me: "Hey, it's okay; there are still solutions, and positive resolves sometimes, even if you mess up really badly". It comforts me. Nope, I'm not perfect, I'm not some social butterfly. I don't have any friends other than my boyfriend. My job makes it incredibly difficult for me to meet new people, being as I work entirely from home. I know some people will hear that, and take it upon themselves to negatively stereotype for being some "pale shut-in with no friends, that's why she likes pastel ponies", but heck, who cares? No one everyone is perfect, and if some show brings me happiness, where's the issue? It isn't at all often that I see characters (much less cartoon characters) represent things that speak to me not only as an adult with adult responsibilities, but the actual pitfalls and the struggles of managing the negative effects that those responsibilities can cause on an emotional level, wrapped up in ultimately strong, positive, endearing, personalities. TL;DR - When I started to realize that whenever I saw bronies enthuse about their deep love for this show, on a level that surpasses just a random show they watch, and I understood exactly why they felt that way, and didn't care one iota about what other people would think of me for relating to them ~ that is when I felt comfortable calling myself a brony, and happily adopted the label.
  8. - The anti-waifu The people who heard about the "I'm married to Twilight" guy who wrote a letter to a guy who drew erotic pictures of Twilight, and ran along thinking that everyone with a waifu is like that... Or really just anyone who hates on anyone who has a waifu. - The anti-clopper Boo hoo, someone enjoys something in a way that you don't want them to. Welcome to the real world. Your self-righteous hysteria isn't going to "magic" them into versions of bitter little uppity you ~ o pure one. - The Unnecessarily Over-Analytical Pony Scientists "How does it make sense that cutie marks appear out of thin air?!" "How can ponies pick things up with their hooves?!" "Do ponies wear leather? Do they kill animals?!" "How can <such and such> be scientifically explained?!" Cartoon logic. The friggin' creators probably don't know the answers to most of these questions. If prompted, some might struggle to come up with an on-the-spot answer, but do you really think they pre-meditated scientific explanations to questions like this? I very much doubt it. Apply children's cartoon logic, there is not scientific depth to be found in every corner of this show. - The "That isn't canon" Kill-Joy I don't care. - The "You / Your OC can't be an alicorn unless you're / they've done <such and such>" Kill-Joy I don't care. - The "You wouldn't want to live in Equestria irl - TERRIBLE things happen in MLP:FIM, never wish to go there / Scientifically Impossible to live / survive in Equestria, lol at you" Yeah, when I say "I'd love to live in Equestria", I mean I'd love to live as some happy little alicorn (lol yes, an ALICORN) floating about on a cloud maybe, making magic happen. No, I wouldn't die in Equestria. No, I wouldn't be miserable there. I'd go there, make it even more perfect, and everyone would live together in harmony. Why? Because it's a fictional show and I, as a fictional character, can fiction about it in as much as I want.
  9. No one should be made to feel bad, corrupt, "messed up" or like a bad person for falling in love with a pony, or really any fictional character. Children sometimes come to this board with these feelings, and then get insulted by grown adults who should know a whole lot better than to speak to children this way. Sometimes people forget that 13 year olds come here and disclose very personal feelings. They, as anyone else, deserve to be treated with care, respect, and dignity regarding these personal feelings, not damned or berated or outcast for them. You aren't weird, you aren't "sick", you aren't messed up. You aren't hurting anyone. If you feel concerned about this, there's nothing wrong with asking for help, but you don't deserve to be insulted for it. Love, tolerance, acceptance ~ for all. <3
  10. It also touches upon her accent in the mlp wikia. - http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Rarity
  11. ...People look way too much into stuff like this. I don't think even the actual creators have fleshed out this show as much as some fans are looking into it.
  12. I couldn't just pick one, so I voted Beatnik, Crystal, and Grand Galloping Gala Rarity! Even though I do kinda like wet mane Rarity too, I vote anything that makes her look and feel the most faaaaaaaaaabulous!
  13. ......Wat? You hear "US" accents all the time because you live in the US! The United States of America, right? Um. Anyhow, Rarity has a Transatlantic accent.
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