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  1. While I could be lazy and just copy-paste my favourites list from FiMFiction, I want to delve into why I like them. And there's some really raunchy stuff on there. Nothing intimate, just... Lets just say it's NSFW and leave it at that. First off, http://www.fimfiction.net/story/230977/something-to-be-thankful-for Something To Be Thankful For: A delve into Sunset Shimmer, from before she became a feared ruler of Canterlot High, to after The Battle Of The Bands. I warn you though, it's tagged Sad for a reason. Next, we have Right http://www.fimfiction.net/story/32919/righthttp://www.fimf
  2. The only reason I want to see this happen is so Lego My Little Pony: The Videogame would be made and break the games industry. Don't give me that look, the Lego games are surprisingly good. And just think about it: A fully rendered 3D Ponyville made out of LEGO! But this has almost no chance of happening. And that makes me cry.
  3. The cutest jumpscare ever

  4. My first reaction would be... That. Then I'd grab her, drag her out of the computer screen and hug her! Complete with squeeing. All of the squeeing.
  5. Reminds me of the Starscream Vs Rainbow Dash Death Battle. And that is never a bad thing! Nice job!
  6. Not being a Mary-Sue, having development towards becoming one... Not being related to the Royal Family because that's stupid and contrived. All the aspects of a good OC really, because while you can just say they're an alicorn, people will want proof that they deserve it. It's like those Sonic OCs that can go Super without any Chaos Whatevers and can beat Super Sonic without going Super. You can see where a lot of my hate for bad OCs come from.
  7. 1) Why Princess Celestia is not a Queen? Who are the Queen and King!? Because if there's one thing I've learned from games, movies and TV, it's that QUEENS ARE EVIL! Hence, King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis What the buck is a Elsa? 2) What's beyond Equestria, is it a round planet just like Earth!? Probably, there's places like Zebrica and Saddle Arabia in the world. 3) What would happen if a pony finds his her special talent but later in life she he realises she he doesn't want to do that anymore? Would his her cutie mark change!? I do not know. 4) Why parasprites don't devore the Everf
  8. I'm a Muffin! YES!

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  9. Lego Batman 3 (PS4). A GOOD licensed game? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? Oh wait, it's a Lego "Insert IP here" game. Still, it's harmless enough (Besides The Joker having a Tommy Gun, but who questions The Joker?). Plus having a playable Deathstroke is alway cool. Speaking of, whoever did the characters needs a raise, I mean Polka Dot Man is in this! POLKA DOT MAN!
  10. I've owned no less than 10 consoles. I'm a gamer at heart. I like tomato sauce but despise tomatoes. Conversely, I love salt and vinegar, but hate salt and vinegar crisps. Go figure. I try to be as upbeat and optimistic as possible, and I'm always for a good joke. My idol is a Youtube Lets Player called Chuggaaconroy. His attitude and general niceness has rubbed off on me. I'm a Brony.
  11. Weird Al Yankovich is a legend. A Hclegend if you will. Seriously though, the mans been working since 1976! That's a loooong time for someone in the entertainment industry. Not only that, he is parody incarnate and one kf the greatest musicians of our time. And his guest appearance in FiM is just icing on the Cheese Sandwich! I shouldn't gush so much, but he's such an inspiration to parody, I'm sure we can all agree!
  12. Sunrise, Sunset - Sunset Shimmer returns to Ponyville to make amends with Celestia and to meet the Mane 6. Unfortunately, her connection with the Element of Magic causes Demon Sunset to materialise out of the Tree Of Harmony and cause havoc. Changeling Sides - Queen Chrysalis returns to make peace with the ponies, however Cadance isn't trusting of this sudden turn to good. After some investigation, it's revealed that Chrysalis has had Twilight under her control when she was given Cadances magic... Somehow. (Something about love and mind control) Origin Of The Crystal Empire - The Crys
  13. "I'd rather be a Kirby, but this'll do for now." And then, my master plan of getting Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash together would begin... WITH DUCT TAPE! (And RariJack too if I have the time)
  14. Hclegend

    Hello there!

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Pinkie Pie How did you find MLP Forums?: Reddit post linking to a post on here. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Joshscorcher. Hows it goin'? I'm Hclegend, also known as Hc, and I'm a Brony (No, really?). I've been into MLP since October of 2014, seen all 4 seasons, both Equestria Girls movies, and even written some fan fiction! This place looks a lot like Smogon (Pokemon Forum that I used to go on) and I hope to make some good acquaintances here!
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