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  2. Off the top of my head, the Super Butt Hug, if only for Applejack's nonplussed reaction.
  3. {do you have an assortment or should I just make one up?}
  4. Found on your outings... interesting phrasing, especially since those don't tend to go lying around like gems are. So... burglars, tomb raiders...? {time to be awesome a bit of a pest, hehe}
  5. What do you sell here?
  6. So, if alicorns are aliens, how does Cadence factor into this? Or Flurry Heart?
  7. -cough- -cough cou-GAK- -COUGH cough HACK cOUgH wheeze- -gggaaaaaasssspppppp- -cough pant cough- -passes out-
  8. @PuddingPonyPal Awesome, welcome aboard! If you're interested, there's two projects in the works right now - there's Trixie's Great And Powerful Adventure which is mostly filled but there's two small parts still open, and Fahreneigh 451 which is mostly unfilled so far.
  9. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/444279/if-i-saw-you-in-heaven
  10. My eyeball guess would probably be around a hundred, maybe two. Or at least before it became a major landmark, after the whole princess thing and the castle of friendship, not to mention the school it probably experienced a boom, though the town itself doesn't seem to have grown outwards.
  11. I like it. The lines could use a bit more curving, but you have a very good handle on facial expressions and body language.
  12. She's okay. I have nothing against her, but I think there's too little to her to really adore.
  13. Freakazoid was clearly Stephen's favourite. They got a memo.
  14. Hey everyone, here's a quick little preview of what we have so far! https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkCbmKmmPRt8uGdc5axRIDSzlH-C?e=iTkARD
  15. Hmmm... you say if you would. How do you feel? About... everything. Existing in general.
  16. Immediately proceed to execute SCIENCE on her. Step one: Poke her with a stick.
  17. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/342253/80-days-til-the-worlds-farthest-shore
  18. How do you feel about other creatures?
  19. Do you have any kind of relationship with Luna?
  20. -leans back in a chair- Where did you come from?