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  1. The instinct for self-preservation, really. I don't believe in consciousness after death, be it afterlife, reincarnation or anything similar of the sort. In all honesty, continuation of consciousness is kind of a fantasy even when your heart is still beating. Likewise, once I'm dead, I will be in a state that prevents me from worrying about the effects of my non-existence and since dying is inevitable, I find it hard not to think simply, "eh, screw it". On the other hand, urges ingrained into me by countless iterations of "continue living so you can propagate your genes" fill me with dread when the idea of dying makes its way into my mind. So, being torn between reason and instinct, the whole situation ends up being generally unpleasant.
  2. Sam: What was the most interesting thing to happen last Thanksgiving dinner? Max: Where do you keep your gun?
  3. Sam, what does the Commissioner sound like? Max, how do you feel about giraffes?
  4. Well, one can hardly claim they're anything but professional. When they lost my wedding ring {to be used at said wedding} they wasted no time trying to charge for the service of losing it.
  5. Hiya, welcome to the forums! I'm curious, who's the pony in your avatar?
  6. Wake up. Shower. Eat. Check discord. Dig around to try and confirm something while I'm writing another letter for the show staff. Remember that I haven't checked my mail or RSS today. Fire up Thunderbird. There's an email from yesterday afternoon. Wuh? Nobody told me when I got off work yesterday and it's not like it would be like them to forget. Check the email for a depot location or a contact number. Nope, nada. Open the front door, and there it is. Four huge-ass boxes with Newegg logo on them. Sitting on my goddamn stoop. Since yesterday. About a thousand dollar's worth of computer hardware just... Sitting there. Overnight. Words. Cannot. fucking describe.
  7. Heya, Mesme! Gotta question - would you happen to have these two recorded? If you'd like, I can put them on the Poniverse YT channel.
  8. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/119190/1/fallout-equestria/introduction
  9. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/119190/4/fallout-equestria/chapter-two-equestrian-wasteland
  10. The Commodore 64 was sometimes nicknamed as the Breadbox, due to its distinct shape.
  11. Welp, it's a Wednesday, and that means a new fic reading!


    And let me know if you have a fic you'd like me to read!

  12. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/408030/miss-hiss-and-the-dizzy-minion
  13. Depending on the definition of today, made bread, finished editing and uploading a story reading and am hopefully about to survive my shift before a few days off.
  14. That is not dead which can eternal leave, But I'm glad that you've ended your forums reprieve. {also because...?}
  15. Ahuizotl,what do you do while you're not failing to protect priceless artifacts? Caballeron, do you offer dental? What are your general wages for an entry-level henchpony, and are you an equal opportunity employer? Daring Do, given how often your wings get injured, what are the odds of permanent damage by this point?
  16. Let's ask the important questions here. With the change to your working relationships, how does each of you feel about the inevitable flood of shipfics?
  17. Quinch

    Happy Birthday MLPF

    Is that a promise?
  18. You stay away from me. Whatever you have, it seems Chronicles.