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Who would you want to have narrate your life?


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Julie Andrews in the same way she narrated the opening of Enchanted and beginning and ending of Remember...Dreams Come True fireworks show at Disneyland!  :D 

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C'mon, people... Richard Horvitz... voice of Zim... end of discussion! :D

Then screw Morgan! He may be good, but Zim is way better! Also the voice actor of Gir. Him and Zim just alternating every so often. Just awesome! (you are talking about Invader Zim right?)

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I would like The Narrator to narrate my life.


"This is the story of a person named xxxxx. xxxxx worked in a  big building as employee 427. Employee's 427's job was simple. He sat as his desk in room 427 and he pushed buttons on a keyboard"


The Narrator narrating my life would be so cool. :)

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