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Who would you want to have narrate your life?


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Pinkie Pie,because Pinkie-bias.

I think you'll agree with my disagreement.


Andrea Libman as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy



She needed Spike to play off her silliness.


Fluttershy could work for that also.  And it'd be a great contrast.


Furthermore Flutters could distract Pinkie when you are with your special somepony (or whatnot).  That way you could have some privacy.  WIN-WIN

(I don't care if it's Patrick Stewart or Morgan Freeman, I don't want the announcer to be like; he's had a long day and his wife's about to come home so he wants this to be really romantic and he throws his shoes at where he imagines the announcer to be for being a mood-killer [And I don't even like kissing in public .... so no announcing of that!  Flutters'd save my marriage!])

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I'm torn between Vic Mignogna or Sir Ben Kingsly ( he could go back and forth between sounding proper and then cursing like a British Samuel L. Jackson).

Or possibly the guys from rifftrax...

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either Morgan Freeman, Terra Strong or my friend Hastin Jameson  (CrossingCastle3)

I would probably go with Hastin because he is really funny, he can make up songs about anything he thinks of, and he is Texan

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Either Morgan Freeman or Eddie Murphy. IF my life could be narrated by one of those people, my life would be so much better. BUt only if I could turn off the narration every so often. Like when I'm sleeping. 

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