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Most interesting thing about you!

Thermonuclear Kitten

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I'd probably say being able to make games, and being fairly good at it. With nothing more than a junk drawer's worth of supplies, I can easily make a game to entertain many people in some fashion for a good amount of time. :P

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Uhh, people sometimes say my eyes are interesting :D I have quite light blue eyes, but there's a starry pattern in them because of the veins or something, but my friends say its like a blue galaxy when you look into them which is cool :P

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Me, Im the most interesting thing about myself. Kinda difficult to explain further unless you get into a serious conversation with me. I've been called wise beyond my years, an immature child, one of the smartest people my age, dumber than a rock and an asshole who is kind and care-free. All of that applies to me, try to figure out why.


So you have been bullied and encouraged?

( •_•)>⌐■-■
Interesting Though. 
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Apparently I have a cool core temperature, so Im able to wear double layers even when its hot. I only really feel the heat on my arms and face. That's why I usually wear a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve one.

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I’ve had glasses since I was 1 1/2. Let me tell you, child glasses are the worst. They don’t have a lot of options and most of them either had those weird things on the nose or metal stems that hurt my ears. Thank goodness I can wear glasses I like now.

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