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Despite the many jokes about her being a potential Edgelord (of which I have made a few of myself), I really do like Tempest's design, and hope she turns out be a magnificent character in the upcoming movie. Anyone else grown a liking to miss Tempest Shadow?


Though I still think the broken horn is a bit much...


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  Ever since that one other thread popped up here about the reveal, ol' T.S. (Wait... she shares the same initials? What is with this show continiously coming up with vaguely proto-Twilights?) has really caught my eye. I think Tempest is right on the border there of being edgy, but I think there's one important thing most overlook there. Being scarred or in battle-ready armor isn't what makes the being-edgy-for-edginess-sake trope, its the habitual dwelling on it. Her horn IS broken, but its not like they're taking a paragraph out of the page to specifically tell you how its broken & how it feeds into her vengeance or whatever. We're not being told she's important. All we know so far, is she's just roughed-up. Sometimes you can't help what life does to you.

  No, there's one important, small detail that I think most of her entirely-right-to criticizers are missing.

            She's smiling.


  It gives that impression that she's wearing that armor because her boss gave it to her & she has to. She's scarred & has a broken horn (Seriously though, how do you manage that? It's like breaking your kneecap clean off or biting a finger off! Horns don't work that way!) because she maybe fell down a cliffside once or just some stray blow in battle. She's still bright-eyed & smiling like any show-style mare & that means she has personality. That she's more than what she looks like.


   That's what got to me about her. It's a quality I find rather attractive in a wom-*cough* Ahem! Character! Yes!

... is that she has potential.


  Now, how they handle her in the actual move could very well completely destroy the character in my eyes, but dems the pits. There's a difference between being edgy and trying to be edgy. It'll stink if they have her sit there & go down the list of her battle scars & how that makes her a clearly better warrior & pony. But, if they have somepony just idly bring it up like Fluttershy casually remarking in a lull in the action "Gosh, what happened to your horn?..." and she just responds with a shrug of " Hmm? Oh that? Can't remember really, kind of just got used to it." That, would be absolutely bada-... well orchestrated.



   Y-yes. I may have already formed a crush on her after only one picture of her.



   Oh, Look! There's already fan art of her out!


 TS1.pngGrapeHorse is great horse.

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@,  &  @@heavens-champion,

  Well now, you two. We have yet to actually see her do anything yet so it's still far too early to tell that. I for one, am withholding my judgement until we do.

Though... one of those pre-existing evil unicorns also happens to be purple and depressive too...



Dis girl's not even on screen yet and she's already got a fan club devoted to her??

    Well now, the Storm King and the flippin' rapping cat got their fan clubs weeks before hers. Not... not that I'm bitterly keeping track or anything.





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Always love fandom interpretations of new characters before they debut. :)




Source: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Daughter-of-storm-668888833

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19 minutes ago, Blueberry Dream said:

Aaaaa, how did I not see this sooner!! Tempest is just so amazing, eeeee!!

Yes she is, can't wait to see her more in action. 


art from equestria daily. 

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