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Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.


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:fluttershy: "Alright now. When I say go, we go."

:fluttershy: "But don't let Frank getcha."

:yay: "GO!"

:awed: "Wuh-wuh-wuh-wait-wait, who's Frank?"


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"I couldn't imagine the poor schmuck making a YouTube video that didn't show cleaning this off ... the only reason I am is because I don't feel like seeing that comment 750 times 'I can't believe you didn't clean that!'"


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:mlp_smug: "Pokemon? More like... Pokey-man, am I right?"
:mlp_okiedokieloki: "This is why nobody loves you."
:mlp_smug: "...Yeah you're right... It should be Pokimane!"
:mlp_okiedokieloki: "..."

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