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Yee Yee or Yee Haw?


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Howdy ponies! :mlp_icwudt: I ask this question, cause I'm dying to know, which one do YOU think is better: the ever so popular yee yee or the infamous yee haw? 

(Yee haw! Do it for Applejack!)



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Definitely yeehaw (for some reason, I prefer to write it as one word)! :mlp_yeehaa: Yee yee (which is completely new to me) sounds like a broken record more than anything else. :P

But what about the third option?




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4 hours ago, Nsxile said:

Yee haw, because yee yee just sounds wrong imo :mlp_wat:

This is exactly what I think as well. Thank you for saying this so I didn’t have to XD

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How about yee nee and yee naw. I don't really like neither of them, it's gets annoying sometime.

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