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web What irrates you about YouTube?


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Removing the dislike counter has to be one of the dumbest decisions they've made in recent years, but luckily you can restore that with browser extensions. YT has also gotten very obnoxious with ads. I understand that they do need to have them, but it's very frustrating when you get several unskippable ones.

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I think search engine on YouTube is at this point completely obsolete. Maybe I do something wrong, but I feel like finding more "obscure" search results is almost impossible these days. Often I feel like search results are some random videos, not actual "search results".

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10 hours ago, Trot Shuffle said:

I've been using uBlock Origin for a long time and haven't experienced any tomfoolery from YT. Ads get blocked and my experience isn't diminished. If I turn it off, then the ads come back, turn it on and all the ads are gone.

Thanks, I'll look into it. Do you pay for that?

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