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If you could live in one your ancestral homelands, which country would you choose?


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I recently did a deep dive into my various family histories going back hundreds of years. The UK represents 75% of my ancestry with English/Welsh/Irish/Scottish ancestry.  German/Romani/Danish is the remaining 25%. 

I’d love to live in England or Ireland.  

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I know none of my ancestral homelands aside from England. Not sure I much prefer that to USA at this point. I'd be curious to see where else I have. France? Germany? The Scandinavian countries? Those would be much more compelling for me than the US and England, especially the latter! lol But I just don't know my ancestry much at all, so that's all just potential speculation, and nothing more.

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Well I’m only from Mexico and probably Spain at least 3 generations back. At least, according to my grandpa :ButtercupLaugh:.

Spain has never been too appealing to me though. Always preferred farther Eastern Europe. Mexico’s standard of living ain’t so great :U .

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