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Why don't you just use your magic to find out everything about me!


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Oh, that's right, you can't!



Well, hello everypony. As you've probably guessed, my favorite character is evil fluttershy. 2nd place is a 6 way tie between the mane 6.


Anyway, I'm 19, male, straight, play video games, read books all the time, read manga all the time, and post on gamefaqs all the time.


I play magic the gathering (my colors are red and blue), I play pretty much any RPG I can get my hands on, and I also love strategy games and action games. Really everything except sports games :/


Started watching MLP about half way through season 1 and I love it and am totally hooked.



Wow, this sounds like I'm on one of those dating sites... Sorry ladies, I'm already taken ;)

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