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  1. I would donate 30k to the Planetary Society, 30k to the Project for Awesome and put the rest in my savings. Maybe spend a bit and splurge on some new workout equipment and gifts for my friends..
  2. I've got a HUGE thing for griffons and have a massive head canon for why Gilda behaved the way she did and what she did post episode. I love her character based entirely off of non canon information on her.
  3. ConnorFranta, Jameschats, Tyler Oakley, John Green, SupDaily06, WheezyWaiter, GoodMythicalMorning/RhettandLink, and Tested.
  4. Marry: Gilda or Derpy "Cuddle": Genevieve and/or Griffonized Spitfire Actually Cuddle: Derpy Kill/Notseeagainforever: Diamond Tiara I may have a thing for griffons.
  5. I agree with Dattebayo on both the similarity to Frozen and the pacing. For example, there's an awkward jump between the second and third sentences.
  6. Yeah... I'd have to kill Yellow Quiet. My brother is too awesome.
  7. Holy cannoli I haven't been on here in far too long! Time to get back into the swing of things.

  8. Calekai

    Hola! :D

    Hi there and welcome to the forums! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time here; don't be afraid to make friends!
  9. I have to agree with End; what better color than all the colors?
  10. First the chicken's ancestor(probably something that would, were it still alive, be part of the family phasianindae) existed. Said ancestor continued to mutate repeatedly and through natural selection eventually became a new species(so different from the original species that it can no longer interbreed with it's ancestral species. This new species is called the red junglefowl and still exists today in asia. Humans then got involved in the picture roughly 5,000 years ago and selectively bred the red junglefowl to be more and more docile and have a larger breast. Eventually, after many generati
  11. Next year I'll be attending university as a freshman, I have yet to get my schedule though. I'll be double majoring in astrophysics and evolutionary and ecological biology.
  12. Massive crybaby when it comes to media. Last time I cried: While watching Frozen Before that: While watching Brave Before that: While watching Frozen Before that: While watching Frozen Before that: While watching Frozen Before that: While watching Tangled Before that: While watching Dr. Who reruns Before that: While reading Fallout: Equestria: Project Horizons I haven't had any real to cry for real since I was a high school freshman, mostly because of how I've changed my lookout on life.
  13. Holy cannoli, I haven't been on here in a long time!

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      Yeah, it didn't work too well, but hey trial and error is how you learn.

    4. Dormant Phyrosite
  14. I did not! 1/10 for being wrong. Just kidding, 7/10
  15. My favorite internet personality.... hmmm... Well that's an easy one! Davey Wavey! He's hilarious, gives great health and life advice, and is extremely kind!
  16. The hair is pretty fabulous, but would look better on a guy with highlights, I think. In my opinion, she's somewhat attractive but wears far too much makeup - I've never like makeup, save for some eyeshadow.
  17. 1. Sharks 2. Venomous snakes 3.Being unable to protect a friend 4.err.... I think that's about it. Nothing else comes t mind at the moment.
  18. Calekai

    Work Without Your Hands Day

    So, I'll have to be at EFNW and have no usage of my hands.... lovely.
  19. So excited to go to EFNW!

  20. Hey! Welcome too the forum! We're super nice and I'm sure you'll love your stay! Have super tons of fun!
  21. Hey, welcime back! I'm sure you'll enjoy things quite a lit. Alsi, you have plenty of time to catch up before season 4
  22. When I was about seven I was in a hospital lobby and a little girl was rushed in missing her entire lower jaw. For my age it was way too much to handle.
  23. -Everything that happens or is explained in Fallout: Equestria and Project Horizons will/has happened -Derpy is a mailmare -Shining Armor is a trained javelin thrower -Twilight's parents are upper-middle class -The events of Snowdrop happened
  24. Skinny skydiving is pretty common actually and from what I hear, because it doesn't take very long and they have heated vehicles at the landing site it's not that bad. As for insects.... like where? Other than mouth I think it's be pretty difficult for them to enter me in any way, in fact, if they managed to i'd be quite impressed with them and maybe take 'em out to lunch.
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