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  1. :okiedokielokie: Mere mortals question Celestia.... So mainstream, yo.
  2. I remember being in my grandmother's trailer and rummaging around in the bathroom as a kid, at night. I looked to my right and saw a tall grey alien. With the big black oval eyes and everything. Was frozen in fear. Woke up later in bed seeing shadows leave on the walls. More than likely a hallucination from Hypogogic/pompic? sleep paralasis. Still, there are some weird shit up in the skies. Phoenix lights come to mind.
  3. They would file sexual harassment...
  4. @@Sceethe, Wow. I mean, wow, that's really good. The hair and that crown! I love it!
  5. Stay warm.

    1. Sunshower Raindrops
    2. Kel_Grym


      o_0 rebelious little blighters. You can't even take a positive sentiment without being contrary. lulz.

    3. Untitled Goose Q

      Untitled Goose Q

      *freezes to death*

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  6. I am Lucifer And today I'm offering a special deal for everyone. Sell me half of your soul today as a down payment and I'll find you love in the next 24 hours. After three days, if you're not satisfied, I'll refund you the portion of your soul's worth. If you are not comfortable with paying the entirety of your soul after the 3 day period, we can set up a monthly payment plan.
  7. I work at Whataburger. Mostly night shift. I get payed about $9.00 for nights, which isn't that bad. I hate it of course...
  8. Anyone know much about MEN's syndrome?

    1. Jeric


      Which one? The Pituitary one?

    2. Kel_Grym
    3. Kel_Grym


      Multiple endocrine neoplasia

  9. Well you know what they say. If you got haters, you're probably doing something right.
  10. Sure, yeah, sounds like a good idea to me.
  11. Kel_Grym

    trolestia fan club

    Trollestia is best troll.
  12. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/the-game just in case you don't know. And you lost again by the way.
  13. Surprisingly warm. It's this East Texas Humidity.
  14. @@Jeric, lel Thanks a ton! The cult will have mercy on you when we take over t- I mean, we'll send you a fruitcake in appreciation.
  15. This banner is excellent

    1. Thrashy


      Indeed. Kind of wish they left the Fall theme, though. Just take out the bats and ghosts and other graphics specifically related to Halloween.

  16. I would spam Indiana Jones pictures through the forums and log out.
  17. Kel_Grym

    Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

    ?/10 The...secret love child of hyperhooves and the questioner?
  18. Kel_Grym

    Southern Talk

    To be fair, I'm not from the deep southern parts of texas, and I've only rode a horse once in my life. I'll give it a try though.. You got more spit in yer ear than a hibernating badger thrown into the local wino's face grill!
  19. Kel_Grym

    Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

    7/10 He's a friend of mine. I like his art and admire his ability to pump out art faster than I can.
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