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Have there been any Teenage-Looking Ponies?

Will Guide

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There don't seem to be a lot of teenage-like ponies.... I never thought about that before. 


A lot of the "adult" ponies look to be of very similar ages.. and other than Granny Smith, most of the ponies one might consider to be older don't really look much older. 


I figure culture in Equestria is different than ours... teens might have jobs because there's not really pony high school or college, is there? So there's not much else to do... it may be completely legal and normal for ponies to go get jobs once they've reached teenage years... 

With that in mind, what are the age ranges in the mane six anyways? Do they mention it a lot, really? Some might technically be teenagers, while others might be considered young adults, for example.. 


That's what I've always assumed, I suppose. I probably don't know enough to really say, but that's what my brain decided to think.  :P

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The idea of "teenagers" is a relatively new social construct, appearing in the 40s or 50s, and it just might not exist in Equestria culture as it once didn't exist in ours. We'll never get exact ages or birthdates, so, again, all you can go with is how they live their lives and it sure looks like a (young?) adult life to me.

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The only ones I can think of are some flashbacks involving Cadence and maybe a few involving Shining Armor but other than that I can't think of anypony. We might see more though if we have a Generation 4.5 or if Generation 5 ends up being a sequel to FIM.

cadance is one cute teen :D

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Equestria has different customs so I'm sure teens can work full-time. Plus, teens end up looking like adults when they turn around 15-17 years old, anyway.

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