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What are you currently obsessed or 'in love' with?

Canary Yellow

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I very recently became interested in Star vs. the Forces of Evil. It's quite a fun show, but the most important thing is of course a completely different dynamics than Gravity Falls or MLP.



And already a year, I'm a big fan of the Zerg. I did not quite understand why I loved them ...

Star vs. the Forces of Evil


League of Legends


I agree with the both of you ,that show is awesome b ut wander over yonder is better runs and hides

For a little while now, I've been obsessed with Little Big Mac.



HE'S JUST SO CUUUUTE!!!! I just wanna hug him and make him feel better!

As for your post it should illegal because its just to darn cute
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I think I'm starting to get a little obsessed with this music-






The feels ;~;


Aside from that, my forum obsession isn't going away anytime soon, and I may still be slightly~ in love with Pokey Means Business~ :please:

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Raccoons are awesome! Their little hands are so adorable!  :derp:

Agreed they are but I was reffering the show Featuring burt raccon melisia and ralphja raccoon and their everyday lives int eh evergreen forest
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Getting obsessed with Future house music  and Deep House


i listen to it before work, during work, after work, im listening to it as im typing this. :D

hell i listen to it while i fall asleep :3    

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I am obsessed with this forum. (Do I get something special for saying that? Hehe at least 1 post count!) (I really am though!)

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