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Your most common typo?

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Whenever I'm on skype, I put an S on the end of words that don't have one. Like:

"Did you watch that videos?" or "I've got to go for a minutes, I'll be right backs" I have no idea why, but going through my slype log, there's a ton of that little edited symbol next to a ton of my messages just because of the letter S

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So many awkard situations for putting one letter wrong.


lmao XD


I don't really know, I don't make the same typo a lot, at least not that I know of.


embarrass I sometimes type as embarass


Oh! I know.


a lot of times I spell lol as öpö

..stupid Swedish keyboards :L


The most frustrating typo of all time

lol -> kik

Heh, for me, it usually turns into: ;p; 


Aww! You guys beat me to it xD öpöpöpöpöpöp!



It annoys me so much when people say "Your" when it's supposed to be "You're".

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Usually I catch my typos before entering/posting.  But of course sometimes I don't catch them.  I'm not sure if I have a common misspelling typo like the rest here seem to have; my typos just happen randomly on any word.

More typically my errors aren't spelling, but rather grammar... And I blame my country dialect for that.  I tend to use "seen" when I should say "saw" (i.e.  "I seen that the other night" instead of "I saw that the other night.")  I am getting better at it, though.  

Another thing I say that is wrong - "for sure."  I remember back in high school, I said that to my English teacher, and she freaked out on me.  "It's just sure!  Not for sure!"  Sorry, gosh... I can't help it.  If I hear my parents speaking that way, I'm going to assume it's normal to say.  

~ Miles

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