S02:E25+E26 - A Canterlot Wedding


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I really liked watching this again. :PMy only critique I have now is that Changeling transformations are not as dramatic as they used to be. Specifically Chrysalis. Speaking of Chrysalis, what happened to her cool/creepy voice why was that dropped? Pretty epic battle too. :)

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I enjoyed the episode, though as others have said, Shining Armor and Cadance should have least been mentioned before.

Even knowing that Twilight was right, I didn’t really feel all that bad for her. She handled it complicated wrong, did it at the wrong time, and was smiling the entire time. That Shining Armor was getting headaches was even “overheard” by her. She may have known that magic doesn’t work like that, but she was also just looking for issues.

The ending... It makes sense, but it also feels like they wrote themselves in a corner. Maybe this episode should have been a three parter.

Poor Luna. Someone needs to plan for a night wedding so she can attend.

On 3/8/2018 at 6:12 PM, Fernsong said:

Why is the Crystal Empire called an Empire though? I always wondered this because it looks to be as small as a city. Even if it was a large city, wouldn't it take more for it to be classified as an Empire? Also why isn't Cadence an Empress if she's the ruler of the Empire?

Maybe it was back in the day, and only that one area disappeared for a thousand years. The rest of it was conquered/settled by others. The “empire” bit now might just be politeness to the ponies that lived there. 

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This is a bad finale. The story is full of holes, the songs are average at best, and it's mostly really boring. Aside from a few good jokes and the changeling fight, there's not much that I like.

Score: 3/10

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I remember watching these episodes about 50 times on TV when I was younger. :mlp_please:

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I know it's been a while since I've posted around here, but I realize that this song from "Phineas And Ferb" makes just as much sense as the ending to part 1:


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There are many problems here. Shining Armor comes out of nowhere, Luna disappears during an invasion, and, the biggest problem for me, Chrysalis is incompetent. She apparently did no research on the pony she's impersonating and she reveals herself for no reason. She also sends Twilight and Cadence into a place that they're able to escape from fairly easily. Yeah, she puts her bridesmaids down there, but did she really think that's enough? I'm also not a big fan This Day Aria. It feels like it's trying too hard to be big and epic with fake Cadence's vocals really having to reach for some of the high notes.

Despite all of that, the episode is a ton of fun. Twilight's conflict is really engaging and I like that the writers didn't drag out the idea that Twilight may just be overprotective. It doesn't feel like the episode completely changes focus at the end of part 1 since it was revealed that the Cadence was a fake once she put her spell on Shining Armor.

The scene with Twilight interrupting the wedding is one of the best scenes of the show up to this point. It takes the stakes of the show up to a point they've never been before before to great effect. The special does a great job at making the sense of scale even bigger than anything before (except for This Day Aria). 

This is definitely the best two parter so far, even if it is still pretty flawed. Similarly to Return of Harmony, this episode feels like style over substance, but unlike Return of Harmony, this episode does it well and doesn't completely skip out on substance since the core of the episode is Twilight's conflict, which is executed really well.

Score: 9/10


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