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Make Up A Fact About The User Above You

Sonata Jets

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K, so I had an idea for a game, and I hope it catches on.


How to play:

The games pretty simple, just like it's name. Just make up a random or fake fact about the user about you. (Ex: Did you know the user above me takes showers 3 times a day, or carries around a jar of pennies everywhere they go, etc.)

I'm gonna say the only rules for now are: 

1. Try to keep it PG, in the very least

2. Don't do hurtful facts, be kind and show respect to the other users.

3. Follow the rules and standards of MLP Forums (Obviously)

I'll start, and we'll go in a chain.

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Did you know that @Recherche currently holds the world record for most buttons owned by a single person. Their button count is currently 2,946 surpassing the previous champions button count of 3 ½.



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