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Just now, Capper said:

Hello Forums! Please please please make sure my favorite furred friend gets into the competition team! Please :(


I was waiting for you to show up. Good luck! Capper is a solid character ... plus 






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I thought this would be a lot harder than it was to vote for: easily one of the best characters from the movie in Capper, an interesting protagonist-turned-villain from Equestria Girls: Lgened of Everfree in Gloriosa Daisy (Gaia Everfree), and Night Glider from Starlight's town.

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14 minutes ago, Jeric said:

I'll have to dig up pics of Madison's cosplay from BABS 2016. Night Glider is one of his favs. Kinda cool she gets a vote here. 

Oh; that is awesome! :D

On Night Glider, considering she busted down the door to Starlight's house, she's a pure badass. 'Nuff said.

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Gloriosa ended up stuck in a pretty difficult group given the likes of Minuette and Capper around. I guess this is going to be an instant where my vote will ultimately amount to nothing as her chances of moving on are quite low. But, I will vote for her anyway as I must stick to my guns regarding Equestria Girls.

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  • The title was changed to Group 20 - Appleoosa

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