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How pretty would you say Rarity is?


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5 minutes ago, Tropical Melody said:

In the official characters' introductory blurbs that I first read, is described as "the most beautiful unicorn you've ever seen". Or something like. Didn't get it at first but yeah now I do have a real soft spot for Rarity, she is fab. :blush:

Could lose the eye shadow tho doesn't need that.

At least its relatively muted; EqG Fluttershy has eye shadow almost the same shade as her hair, and I don't think it suits her. EqG Rarity has the same pale, cyan eyeshadow as her pony counterpart.

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Ponies character designs almost look identical except for the miror details and colors, mane style. For my eyes, 99% of ponies are all eqally pretty.

But we can presume it by how other ponies react to them. And as far as I can see, Rarity is one of the most charming ponies of Ponyville.

The only other ponies described pretty in the show are Fluttershy, Mistmane.

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I guess I would say either a 6 or 7/10. I would say she is my 4th favorite mane character while first being Rainbow Dash, second being Fluttershy, and third being Twilight Sparkle!

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As a Rarity fan, I might be biased... but I'd say 10/10. She's not only beautiful in appearance but an amazing pony all around! :rarity:

As for her being pretty, I find her color scheme the most appealing from an aesthetic view (that's not to say the others aren't appealing too but in different ways, such as Pinkie's mane and coat colors being cute, Rainbow Dash's being striking...). The eyeshadow... I wouldn't say that affects it much, as she wouldn't look that different without it. The only pony that I find rivals Rarity in beauty alone is Octavia. :grin:

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