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What exactly do you think Apple Bloom's talent is?

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Now,before you answer "helping other ponies find their cutie mark" or something similar,I need to make sure that I'm talking about her secondary talent,or rather,the talent that separate her from the rest of the CMCs

Since season 1,the show had show us the talent of the two other crusaders.Sweetie Belle is good at singing,so she get a music note as her cutie mark representing her singing talent and a star to represent her potential to become a star/idol.


For Scootaloo,we know that she has a talent of scooting by flapping her wings and speed herself up.And in her cutie mark,there's a lightning that represent how her talent towards speed,and a wings to tell us how she achieve her talent.


But for Apple Bloom,things don't seem do concrete.The show never directly tell us her talent.It's true that she was shown to be able to do constructions,potion making,martial art and dancing.However,none of talents are especially symphazied as the other two did,and none of the talents manifest in her cm.In fact,it seems that many Earth Ponies have cutie marks of abstract meaning and symbolism rather than actual talent.For example,Cheerilee has three smiling flowers as her cm to show her caring nature.Diamond TIara has a tiara as a cm to show her talent in leadership.Applejack has the cm of three apples to show what she value most.Silver Spoon has a silver spoon cm out of...unknown meaning.


An apple and a heart.The apple certainly don't mean any direct things like apple farming,making apple products and something like that.We know that Apple Bloom love helping others,but she don't seems to be more helpful than the other CMCs.So,what do the symbols here represent (other than a member of the Apple family)?

My theory is that it represent her multipotentialist nature.Maybe the apple here is to symbolize growth.

In the "Elements of Harmony" handbook,the description of her goes like,"Like her name suggests,she is full of potential but has a lot of growing to do."With this evidence,and her vague description on talent throughout the series,I think her cm is to show her learning ability,openmindness and curiosity in contrast of the "specialist" nature of many other ponies like the mane 6.

So,what do you think the cutie mark truly represent?

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I think the interpretations of some of the cms are too vague. They could mean anything. She has an apple because she is part of the apple family. Maybe ponies' cm can drift over generations. Her descendants' cms could be not apples eventually.

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Here's a weird thought: Maybe her secondary talent revolves around family, with the Apple Family being representative rather than literal? Meaning she has the talent of getting disparate ponies to consider each other like family (as per Apple definitions). For a working example, the CMC themselves.


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Helping others find their purpose in life, just like Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. Yeah, 3 ponies with the exact same talent. Boring, huh? :toldya:

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