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I’m confused about what year Bronies became a thing.


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I thought everyone knew that it was 2011. Even if it started earlier in 2010, keep in mind that there were always closet MLP fans who liked the early generations. If you're asking for the year where they became a thing, as in the FiM fad that made ponies big on the internet, 2011 was definitely the year MLP Mania exploded literally everywhere. 

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Definitely 2011 although I’m not sure if I became aware of it in late 2011, when I started watching MLP, or early 2012 when I began seeking out fan websites. 

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8 hours ago, Courageous Thunder Dash said:

Yep, early 2011 was when it started. A lot of sources state that the root of it is the 4chan boards. 

Correct. Have been around since the very beginning.

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The word "Brony" was conceived in 2010 by a 4Channer who wanted to combine the words "Bro" and "Pony"
However, I say the MLP Fandom started in 1984, when the voice actor of Spike in Rescue at Midnight Castle legit enjoyed the film and got invested in the world.

So, literally:2010

Actual MLP Fandom:1984

Does that make sense?

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