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Favourite season  

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  1. 1. What's your favourite season?

    • winter
    • fall
    • summer
    • spring

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I would say Winter

i feel one with nature at that time

The ground covered with a white blanket of clouds

i don't feel cold to begin with, i go outside in winter with a t-shirt and feel a light breeze

the winter time makes me feel alive

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Self-explanatory. Which season is your favorite and why? And I mean seasons of the year, such as spring or winter.


My favorite season is winter. This is because it is very cold, and I love the cold. While most of my friends are wrapping up with a blanket, fire, and hot chocolate, I'm taking a long walk in the cold or ice skating. I very much love snow and am not bothered by the cold.


What about you?

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When I clicked on this I thought it was favorite MLP season. :blush:


Anyway I chose winter. I dunno, everything just seems more peaceful. I love snow, unfortunately it hardly ever snows here in the UK. That's one of the main things I miss about living in Massachusetts. Least favorite is summer, just because I feel like I should be out doing things instead of staying inside. And I don't really like heat either.

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Season 3 duhhhhhh


I like spring and fall just about the same. Spring is great because everything is wonderfully green, but not so great because the longer spring goes on for, the closer it gets to summer, and I live in a hot desert climate where that's a shitty deal. Fall's nice because you have that impending joy that temperatures are going to get colder again, but it's less green.


The one season I don't like is summer. Can you guess why?




Above is a typical summer weather forecast in Phoenix, except with more clouds than usual.


There's a reason why plants die here once May hits.

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I love every season, as they each have a unique appeal, however, I voted for Spring. Spring and Fall are transitions between Winter and Summer, making them more balanced, but I choose Spring over Fall because it is a time of new life. Everything is waking up, the birds are returning, leaves are growing back, it is beautiful. Some days are colder and bear resemblance to Winter, and are a time to throw one last snowball or simply enjoy the stillness. As Spring progresses, there are bursts of Summer, warm days to feel the sun on your skin and walk barefoot. I also love the energy of the season, it is a time of rebirth and renewal, a time of beginnings, everything becomes vibrant and verdant. While I love every season, by a narrow margin I must name Spring as my favorite.

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I guess spring or summer, since I live in a cold temperature all year long. Having a bit of summer can be nice, but I don't like it when it's too hot. So spring it is, my favorite thing about spring is it's mild temperature and it's just a beautiful season.

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Fall and winter :) And I voted for winter. I dislike cold, but I like the atmosphere of this season. I love snow, and Christmas and hiding under a blanket with a good book. There's something really special in winter. 


And call me weird, but I actually don't like summer.

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Spring and Fall are both my favorites. I don't like extreme cold or extreme heat. I used to live in Tucson, Arizona where summers were scorching hot. Winters were pretty cold as well, not like more Eastern and Northern states where it snows of course, but still cold enough to make me very uncomfortable. :P


Over here in Southern Cali where I now reside, almost every season is pleasant save for summer, so naturally that is my least favorite of the seasons. Spring and Fall are always beautiful so they're my top picks.

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The only thing I like about Winter is snowboarding. Other than that, I can't stand being outside in the cold.


Spring is nice because I love the feeling of finally being able to walk outside without dreading the bitter coldness, but that's all it really has to offer for me.


Summer is my time for less responsibilities and more relaxation which is nice, but I'm not a fan of the days when the heat becomes unbearable.


Fall is without a doubt my favorite. I love the changing colors of the leaves, the "not too hot, not too cold" temperature, and the clothes that are generally worn during Fall (jeans, hoodies, etc.). The other seasons have their own perks, but to me the perks of the Fall season are the best of the four.


And let's not forget one of the most important parts of the Fall...



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I like Spring because where I am, it's not too hot or too cold. It's the perfect time to start gardening again and go fishing! 

Nothing says Spring is better than tulips and daffodils breaking their dormancy and filling the fields with an abundance of color! Reminds me of Rainbow Dash mmm...


The abundance of nature springing back to life is overwhelming and lures me outdoors like a magnetic attraction.









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I like winter because of snow and ice and school cancellations, but I chose summer because I'm still in school and I get a summer vacation.


I live in Tornado alley so spring is like hell on earth. Every year a tornado comes THIS much closer to my house. Then the ignorant tornado makes everyone at my school duck their heads and cry in fear yelling "we're all going to DIE!"


so that is why I prefer all seasons besides spring. Spring brings a ton of tornados.


I also hate spring because of alergies.

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Wow, I could have sworn I was in the majority, liking Spring most myself! It's just the opposite, how surprising!


I like Spring because everything is in bloom, and it's also the only season where the temperatures are really nice. I'm a big fan of rain, and for us Spring is the monsoon. Getting nice warm days after freezing cold ones is also such a wonderful contrast, while for some reason hot to cool just isn't as nice in Autumn.

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I personally adore Spring. Everything is new and fresh..a time to start new. I also adore the colors. Bright pastels. Oh so very romantic. and a girl cannot go wrong with a lovely floral dress with some darling classical pearls wrapped around her neck

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