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  1. 1. What's your favourite season?

    • winter
    • fall
    • summer
    • spring

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I like Summer best for a few reasons. First, I am a very cold natured person, and I can't stand cold weather. Second, there's no school. Unfortunately, I've reached the stage in life where you don't get much less busy in Summer, but fond memories, ay?

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Okay I'm surprised that winter has the most votes. In my school practically everyone including me hates winter.Since I love going outside and running around plus I hate cold weather, I always feel so cooped up in my house. It also doesn't help that I was in a car accident a couple years ago during winter due to skidding off the road. And I hate having to stand outside at the bus stop in sometimes below 0 weather.

Usually winter just makes excited for spring and summer even more. The only thing I like about winter are the holidays where I spend time with my family. Too bad it's at the beginning then it's 3 months of torture.

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Summer for sure. There's nothing like being able to go outside and be active. The heat can be a pain but i usually get used to it. Oh and also NO SCHOOL and LATE NIGHTS!!


Winter is a close second. I love snowboarding, ice hockey, and the christmas atmosphere around the holidays always puts me in the mood.


I'm strange in the sense that i prefer extreme temperatures over a normal 50 degree day :muffins:




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Autumn is my favourite, as the scenery really stands out during that time of year. Also, the weather is tolerable, which generally keeps me in a better mood.

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I like heat, sunshine and outdoor activities. So I'm definitely a summer person all the way! I don't care for the interim seasons of spring and fall; it might as well be one extreme or another. And since I don't like cold of winter, I'll stick with the extreme heat of summer.  

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My favorite used to be winter, but that changed following one morning back in 2015 where I slipped and fell 6 different times just trying to walk to the class I had that morning.

My current favorite of the seasons is Spring, the time of the year where everything is renewed. Also the fact that severe weather is rampant at times too.

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