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Request Shop Swiggly's free OC Drawings! (CLOSED)


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I'm Drawing Your Oc's For Free! (CLOSED)

I am getting swamped and I wont be taking any more requests, all remaining requests will be taken though. Please be patient.

One at a time please, I'm just trying to improve my drawing skills!



1. Only 1 request per person please 

2. Only 1 pony per request (I can make exceptions)

3. I DO draw anthros but I'm quite new to that

4. Preferably if you have a deviantart account

5. If someone has posted before you, their request will be taken first and you will have to wait


Extra Information:

I have had one of my drawings FEATURED ON EQUESTRIA DAILY.

My Drawing style has changed over time, but I'll try to use the drawing style shown below.

I'm going to take a while to draw stuff since I have schooling and things to do.

By requesting a drawing from me you are agreeing to wait for me to finish my drawing,

I might take a day, or even weeks or months (Lets hope not) so please be patient.


If you want to see the rest of my drawings click the link




My Drawing got Featured on EQD



Currently working on: @@LittleRawr,  's Request


(Images removed because it used up too much space, use the links)

Skylar's Request: Click Here


StevenEarthPony's Request: Click Here


~Lawful WR~'s Request: Click Here


Thunder-Dash's Request: Click Here


Bari's Request: Click Here


PrincessOfWub's Request: Click Here


Queenie's Request: Click Here


Blue Moon's Request: Click Here


TheScrewUpCrew's Request: Click Here


Windy Runner's Request: Click Here


Arcanel's Request: Click Here


PERSONAL Request: Click Here


Midnight Scribbler's Request: Click Here


LittleRawr's Request: Click Here


Bronyette's Request: Click Here

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I would like one done of me.... Possibly stood on a jagged rock overlooking a barren rocky field, my mane and tail blowing back in the wind, a tear tricking down his cheek ( I would prefer the armored version from my avatar if possible! )  feel free to dabble with the poses, but try to make it dramatic, 


Do you need any pictures? :) 


(Some on my profile but I can send more) ;) 

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Id love one, Id just like to know really quickly what it is that you need from me and what you are willing to do. Just let me know what details you need and I will provide them! 


I beat chigens here, hell yeah

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Yes, pictures are required, and you'r oc name is required too, unless he's also named Skylar.

Do you happen to have a Deviantart account be any chance so I can credit you?

(I will start drawing once I get home, I am needed somewhere this afternoon)



Like I said above, pictures and names (and aslo a deviantart is possible), I wont be able to start you'rs until I'm done with Skylars

Look at my deviantart if you need examples of my art

(I'm out now)

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Holy crap, that looks awesome, bro :D If you wouldn't mind, could you do a drawing of my OC, Blasted Nova, running? Link is in the sig.

If you're gonna do a background, could you have it in a green plains or forest area?

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Could you draw my OC Choco Delight?


I would like her to be sitting in Sugarcube Corner holding a chocolate bar and laughing with a belly full of chocolate and other candies.


Here's her ref pic,


and yes I do have a deviant art: Pikachu25sci95vt



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From left to right, I'd like it to be Saxony, Vice, and Lume. ^~^

Saxony is pale blue and has a light grey mane and dark grey eyes. She is a unicorn and her mane is pretty long and straight and she has a straight fringe. Her eyes have very small pupils. Her cutie mark is a white sash swirling around a horn that has some silver stars shooting out of it.

Vice is a light pink colour with bright electric blue eyes that have, under her left eye, a tattoo of three gold shooting stars. She is an earth pony has a short spiky mane that is a darker pink with electric blue and green tips and her tail is very short. In her hair she wears a pair of brown goggles. Her cutie mark is a flaming dark green hoof going to the left in a punching motion.

Lume is a pale yellow unicorn with very large, doe-like eyes that are a deep deep greeny-blue (teal). She has a wavy gold and orange streaked mane and tail and her cutie mark is a tiara with a light explosion surrounding it.

I don't care what the pose is, but I'd like it to match their personalities (Saxony is the quiet sorta shy one, Vice is brash arrogant and a bit violent, and Lume is a little vain but good-hearted and is easily annoyed by Vice.) I'd also like if you could see their cutie marks.

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Your art looks very nice, so I think I'll make a request. Could you draw my OC, Blue Moon? I'll leave some references below. I don't care which pose you use, so you're free to do whatever you like. Also, here's a link to my Deviantart account, and to the OC's profile page if that helps with anything.





Blue Moon Page:







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Hi! My oc is a changeling (do the genders look different? If so then girl) and her name is Crystal Feather...she has a necklace on that has a little blue diamond in it, it doesn't matter where... And if the eye colors are different, go crasy with that!

Also, I don't have a drawing of her...




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Oh heck yes! Please draw my favorite OC/ponysona! I'm always looking for new images of him, it helps fill the gaps my imagination can't bridge! Thank you so much! img-1958916-1-biggrin.png


Reference images


(The first picture is the older mane style. The second picture is the more up to date one, so if you could please use that that would be awesome!)
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Wow, I really like your artstyle! :D And I can see why your RD pic got into EQD :3 That said... if possible, do you think you could do a drawing of my OC Arcanel?








He'd be looking with a rather embarrased face, like putting a hoof behind his head because of the embarrasment, blushing and things like that. If not possible, you can do anything you want :) And if you want more info on him, his OC sheet is on my siggy! Thank you and I hope it's not much of a problem! :) (By the way, my dA account is http://crazyknower101.deviantart.com/ )

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This is cool! Could I request a picture of the reborn Light Streak? I don't care how long it takes.

Name: Light Streak





Oh, and here's his cutie mark:




Unfortunately, since I can't art, I don't have a Deviantart. Sorry.

For a pose, could you have him sort of looking like this:



Yes, include the flames on his hoof. And the background should be a picture of the world.

If it's too complicated, simplify it if necessary.



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Guys and Girls! Please try to stay updated with this post, I'm having trouble contacting some of you, if I fail to contact you you will be moved back and the person before you will have their request taken first. Here's the order of the requests right now. 1st to last. I will highlight the 1st 3 in line so far




*StevenEarthPony has been moved up and I am currently taking his request, Lawful WR has been moved to 2nd in Queue

*Sayaka Maizono, I can take that request, please edit your post and give me the required information.

*ScrewUpCrew Please be more specific, this is your OC, not mine please don't make me design your Oc. 


GUYS!, BROHOOF This Post In Order To Keep Your Place In Line

If you don't brohoof this post, you shall be moved back in the queue accordingly.

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Hey, I kinda feel bad adding another one to your pile, but if you can, could you maybe do a drawing of mine? References:






I don't really mind what pose :P His cutie mark is a compass.

Sorry if you've already got too much to do already, don't worry if you can't get this done.


Thanks anyway, your drawings are awesome :D

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I suppose I should give you all the info then tongue.png


Can you draw a changeling in a bee-keeper's outfit? Only the hat and boots, he doesn't need a jacket or anything. 

Other little details:

He doesn't have a horn, and his wings are flaky


If you need anything else, let me know!

And yes, my OC is a changeling, but no, he is not a bee-keeper. This is just kind of an inside joke between some friends and I. 


Oh, and the sooner I can get this, the better!


Thanks again!!

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