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Your 5 Favorite Episodes of Season 4


Your 5 Favorite Episodes of Season 4  

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  1. 1. Pick Only 5

    • Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1 + 2
    • Castle Mane-ia
    • Daring Don't
    • Flight to the Finish
    • Power Ponies
    • Bats!
    • Rarity Takes Manehattan
    • Pinkie Apple Pie
    • Rainbow Falls
    • Three's A Crowd
    • Pinkie Pride
    • Simple Ways
    • Filli Vanilli
    • Twilight Time
    • It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
    • Somepony to Watch Over Me
    • Maud Pie
    • For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils
    • Leap of Faith
    • Testing Testing 1, 2, 3
    • Trade Ya!
    • Inspiration Manifestation
    • Equestrian Games
    • Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1 + 2

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  1. "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" - Most well-rounded episode of the season. Sweetie is very sympathetic, Luna is there, there's some creative imagery, and it's satisfying watching Sweetie realize how much her sister cares and then fixing what she did wrong. Very entertaining.
  2. "Rarity Takes Manehattan" - Rarity arguably learns nothing new, and that final scene has a really irritating fake-out, but this one's just so utterly joyous and optimistic that I find it utterly irresistible. 
  3. "Pinkie Pride" - See above, but with more energy, for better and for worse. 
  4. "Twilight's Kingdom" - The show's best serious episode. Super intense, and Twilight's character arc is sympathetic even though I'm not invested in her "role as a princess." That alone is pretty impressive. 
  5. "Leap of Faith" - Deeper and more intelligent than pretty much any of the map episodes, but a little more mundane and straightforward. Still pretty compelling. 
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1. For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils-Grown Up Sweetie Belle (and Claire) at her best. Love the dynamic and have always loved the story.

2. Flight to the Finish-Great song, great moral, and great antagonistic behavior from Diamond Tiara. Loved the emotion

3. Bats-I'm a sucker for these songs especially opposing viewpoints. Mood was set very nice as well.

4. Testing Testing 1, 2, 3-Most relatable especially during my school year and actually a lot of fun to go back to because each of the Mane 6 has such a fun role in this one.

5. Pinkie Apple Pie-Always loved roadtrip stories and Pinkie has such a great dynamic with the Apples

Oh wait people are putting their worst too. Hmm while I will admit that a lot of the "worst" people give are bad and boring that never is enough for me to dislike them.

I only truly dislike/am frustrated by one episode:

Twilight's Kingdom

Yes, I'm serious.

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1. "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils": No single minute goes wasted, it's like Sweetie Belle's version of Sisterhooves Social (but with Luna on it!!).

2. "Twilight's Kingdom": Discord's true redemption and Twilight's key, Avatar level magical fight plus two amazing songs!

3. "Flight to the Finish": The best song of the season IMO with the best training montage I've seen since South Park, also RD trying to ease down her usual loud self is kind of funny.

4. "Simple Ways": I simply loved the way Applejack handled things showing how much she had learned about Rarity.

5. "Trade Ya!": Pinkie Pie as a savage dealer cracks me up, the dynamics between RD&Fluttershy and AJ&Rarity were awesome! There's few episodes that really show how much have the mane 6 grown and learned from each other and this is one of them.

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In no particular order, my top 5 Season 4 Episodes are:

1) Twilight's Kingdom - Epic Fight Scene, 'nough said

2) Rarity Takes Manehattan - She never has a bad episode, this is no exception.

3) Flight to The Finish - I loved this episode, Diamond Tiara hit rock bottom here. My favourite song of the season, yes. I loved it more than Babs Seed.

4) Inspiration Manifestation - Corey Powell, she wrote "Sleepless In Ponyville" and "Just For Sidekicks", two of my favourite Season 3 episodes. I liked this episode too.

5) Pinkie Pride - Weird Al, and musical episode. 

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If you ask me, Season 4 was a great Season for Pinkie, hence why 3 of my favorite episodes invovled her.


5) Maud Pie- For the introduction of Maud Pie

4) Pinkie Apple Pie- A fun Apple Family episode, would later be outclassed by The PErfect Pear

3) Three's a Crowd- Discord loves being Discord

2) Pinkie Pride- Cuz alot of us still think this was Pinkie Pie's best episode ever.

1) Twilight's Kingdom- Still my favorite Season Finale EVER.  Bringing back Tirek as a G4 villain was the sweet part.

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Hard to pick fav episodes of s4 cause there are so many.

  1. Pinkie Pride
  2. Flight to the Finish
  3. Twilight's Kingdom
  4. Filli Vanilli
  5. Testing, Testing 1,2,3


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1: Twilight's Kingdom - Amazing action and drama that concluded the season's arc fantastically as well as Twilight's arc. (only negative is that Twilight's arc being basically completed here and her tree being destroyed represents the end of the golden age of the show for me).

2: Pinkie Pride - Hilarious, great songs, great animation, and manages to be very emotional with Pinkie Pie at her very best.

3: Bats! - The creepy atmosphere in this episode and the fantastic nighttime animation makes this a joy to watch, the song is fantastic, and there is a great two sided conflcit where both sides are justified.

4: Princess Twilight Sparkle - Best season premiere of the show. Twilight shows great development adapting into her princess role, the action is really fun and the animaiton is among the best in the entire show due to it almost entirely taking place at night. And the flashbacks are absolutely epic.

5: Flight to the Finish - Deals with the mature issue of Scootaloo being bullied for her disability beautifully and was very heartwarming.

A fantastic season overall. 

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Season 4 is probably my third favorite season (just behind 1 and 2), so there are definitely a good amount of good episodes to choose from. Due to this, here are a couple honorable mentions:

Testing Testing 1, 2, 3: While it may not be the most Exciting episode, I appreciate Rainbow Dash's character development along with all the lore about the Wonderbolts.

Flight to the Finish: While I'm definitely one of those people who really wanted Scootaloo to fly by the end of the series, I can still appreciate what a deep and emotional episode this is.

Now onto my top five:

  1. Twilight's Kingdom - This is still my all time favorite season finale, and my favorite episode of season 4. Everything about this episode is truly epic, and it makes for a very fun episode to watch.
  2. Pinkie Pride - This is such a fun and iconic Pinkie Pie episode with a good story and lesson to accompany it. That's not even mentioning the awesome Weird Al appearance.
  3. Filli Vanilli - While the premise of this episode is a bit strange, it still is a very cute Fluttershy episode with a nice little lesson on stage fright.
  4. Castle Mane-ia - This episode isn't trying to anything to crazy or special, but I like how it finds a fun way to involve all of the mane six along with introducing the friendship journal concept.
  5. It Ain't Easy Being Breezies - While objectively speaking this isn't one of the best episodes out there, I like how it does a good job at developing Fluttershy's character.
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1) Castle Mane-ia - Really fun episode, especially since it's named for my second favorite game series.

2) Power Ponies - I'm not the biggest fan of superhero stories (I loved Adam West as Batman when I was 3), but what sold it for me here were the Mane-Iac, Fluttershy hulking out, and Spike stepping up to the plate.

3) Pinkie Apple Pie - While Pinkie's zany disposition made for an interesting dynamic with the Apples, the main attractions for me here were the song and Peter New as Goldie Delicious.

4) Pinkie Pride - Man, I could rewatch this episode hundreds of times, and the novelty wouldn't wear off. 

5) Maud Pie - What's great is, I thought this episode was going to suck. Then Maud Pie happened. 

Honorable mentions:

Rarity Takes Manehattan - Despite Suri only getting comeuppance in the form of Coco ditching her, it was one of Rarity's best depictions.

Three's a Crowd - Some highlights were Princess Cadance being as badass as ever, Discord's song, and then him dancing in tidy-whities and a shirt like a frat boy. 

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