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  1. fare67t

    Hello New Here!

    Welcome to the forums new friend! I can't really relate with the student part, as I did the probably stupid thing of dropping out of college to try and work...then never really got a job but other then that, yes x3 Welcome welcome~
  2. fare67t

    Hello :)

    Welcome new friendo! Hope you have a great time here~
  3. Since my writers block isn't going away any time soon, time to go to sleep. Night everypony~

  4. Even if its not really "confirmed" confirmed, its heavily implied that AppleDash is a thing. and I'm okay with this
  5. Oh god, I forgot that there was a song in that episode ;w;
  6. Since i'm a rather emotional person, I bet if I were to go back and rewatch the entire series in one big marathon, there would be a boat load of moments that made me tear up. Cry though? The final song of the series / finale
  7. Tell that to literally like...every single person talking about YT these days, claiming its the YouTube apocalypse / all their stuff is gonna be taken down because "OH THAT'S NOT FOR KIDS, BUT HAS PONIES"
  8. yep, and YouTube is probably pitching a fit that a video aimed for kids has "Feeling good as HELL" in it~
  9. No, they shouldn't Wanna know why? Companies tend to take things the wrong way / act stupid about things Aka instead of being like "oh you don't like this change we've made? Here, let us revert back to the good old days", they end up being like "Oh you don't like this change we've made? Okay then, show / game series / movie series cancelled forever since public interest has clearly run out, BUH BYE!"
  10. Those aren't really mlp related though x3
  11. Hitting a writers block on my fimfiction (I seriously need help on that x-x)
  12. I sincerely need some inspiration (and/or help) to write my fimfiction! >w<

  13. Alright fine, we gonna talk about fan works / animations? Here ya go x3 This one makes me cry quite a lot, there's just such...power behind so little happening.
  14. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep I kind of meant from the show itself, not fan-made music x3 but I'd imagine it is pretty sad
  15. ayyyy, someone that shares my opinions on least favorite characters! "I don't like them that much / at all, but they're still good characters"
  16. What are the songs from the show (anything MLP related really: the show, movie, etc) that made you ponies rather sad and/or cry? Doesn't really have to be a sad song either, the Smile Song that Pinkie Pie sings in season 2 seriously gets me near the end, like I'm talking having to use a tissue box levels of tearing up x3 Also I think I speak for almost everyone that has actually watched the finale...
  17. My parents are rather old-fashioned old-fashioned to the degree of not really accepting any opinions their children give because "Oh i'm the parent, I know better then you" (or at least that's the aura they give off), and my dad seeming to think any time you get into a big argument with him you're trying to challenge his authority / position as "alpha" of the family (yet again, just the aura he gives off / how quickly he snaps to yelling and cursing in your face). Buuuut these scenarios basically never happen, so is it really that big of a deal? I could list off a whole bunch of othe
  18. I know that there is at least like...80 something issues of the main series now (which really adds up money wise if you want them shipped to you and/or collectors have their way, unfortunately), which is quite a lot for something as..."niche" as ponies in media outside of the show. I at one point was given the very first version of the very first issue by a teacher, maybe even a promo version, even if I think I either lost it or threw it away in my small little "screw ponies" phase that lasted like...a month x3 ANYWAY, BACK ON TOPIC! I know there is also the "Volumes" that usually co
  19. Ah yes, that ever so classical feeling of having to isolate yourself in your room for a while because someone in your household came home really sick, and you don't want to catch it x-x

    1. Splashee


      x-x <- Yes, hold your breath!

  20. Only real reason why I'd make my bed is to not get yelled at by my relatives, and also to maybe preserve the coolness and/or warmth of the sheets when I climb into them later~
  21. fare67t

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Dunno really, I think my last watched movie is Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, even if I didn't really watch it so much as have it on in the background while I worked on something.
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