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What is your daily household situation like?


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What is the typical day in your life? What do you do with your life, and what types of family members and people do you interact with? I like these types of thread because the demystify us and prevent us from just being some static image that people build up.

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6am-8am Wake up check forums eat maybe breakfast

8am-2pm School checking forums on phone interactions none

2pm-1am Spamming F5 on forums and eat couple times interaction with family minimal.

1am-6am Sleep




1pm Wake up eat then Forum

1pm - 4am Forum and eat couple times interaction with family minimal

4am-1pm Sleep

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6:00 wake up, and eat breakfast. Careful not to wake my roommate. 

6:45 have shower and get dressed

7:00 quickly brush teeth, grab books, and head to lecture hall

7:15 quickly grab a coffee before arriving

7:45-12:00 Listen and take notes during lecture

12:15-1:00 eat lunch at Teremok (popular russian fast food chain)

1:30-6:00 Listen and take notes at lecture

6:15 walk back to dorm

6:45 order chinese food or pizza for dinner

7:00 eat said chinese food/pizza

7:30 brush teeth

8:00-9:30 check forums, youtube, and other internet stuff.

9:30-11:30 2 hour gaming session

12:30 brush teeth, get into sleeping clothes and sleep


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Well, I usually sleep until 1 or 2 PM, and I have to be at work by 5 PM. My parents are usually at work when I get up, so I'll play games, watch TV, write, or get on the computer until work. When I come home from work, my parents are asleep (it's around Midnight), so I'll watch TV, write, play games, or get on the computer until around 6 or 7 AM. Rinse and repeat, that's usually a day of life in my shoes, but I'm happy with it. ^^

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School day:

7:15am (I'm supposed to wake up at 7, but I'm lazy and usually wake up at 7:15am) - Wake up, get dressed, and maybe eat breakfast.

7:25am - Brush my teeth and do my hair.

7:35am - If I have free time, I usually take out the trash or watch tv or something.

7:45am - Walk to bus stop

3:45pm - School ends and I ride the bus home

4:00pm - Walk home from bus stop

4:15pm - Get home and get changed into comfortable clothes :P

4:25pm - Check forums, social media, etc.

4:45pm - Lunch (I don't eat dinner after this, so I guess it's dinner technically) and watch TV or YouTube

5:10pm - Watch YouTube or do Internet stuff.

7:30pm - Go out, take a walk, play basketball, etc

8:15pm - Watch TV, YouTube, do more Internet stuff, or play video games if I'm bored.

10:00pm - Sleep



9:00am - Wake up, check forums and social media

9:30am - Eat breakfast and watch TV

10:00pm - Watch TV

12:00n - Mom usually goes to work at this time, so I go on the Internet.

I'm pretty much on the Internet or doing something indoors all day since I'm home alone :P

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I don't know exact times, but most of my day is spent writing stories on my iPad, playing video games and watching TV. I spend a lot of time writing chapters for my stories, which takes up most of my day. Other times though, I'll go out with my parents to places they go.

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6am-8am: get ready and eat, get annoyed by my brothers.

8:25am-1:50pm: school.

2pm-5:30pm: do absolutely nothing.

5:30pm-5:45ish: eat dinner.

5:45pm-8pm: do nothing.

8pm-8:30pm: take a shower.

8:30pm-9:30pm: do homework/actually do nothing.

9:30pm: go to bed.



7am: wake up cause I go to bed at like 9 cuz I like sleeping.

7am-9:30pm: EAT EVERYTHING.


At school I interact with my friends obviously. Some I've known since elementary, some I've only known for a couple months. All of them are pretty different, I don't care what kind of person they are as long as they're nice to me.


Family wise. I don't really talk to my dad, he just kind of sits in his room all day. My little brother Jaydon will sit in his room all day and play skyrim while occasionally popping into my room and saying "meow mix" and then leaving. I'll hang with my other little brother Carson. My sister is usually always out with her boyfriend so I hardly ever spend time with her anymore. I like to hang out in the living room with my mom and watch tv with her and rub feet. :P

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5:15 first alarm goes off, shut it off

5:30 next alarm, wake up.

eat breakfast, drink juice, brush teeth, hop in shower, get out and browse the internet

6:18 leave house and go to school

6:50 arrive at school

7:40 - 2:40pm school

3:23 arrive at house

4:00-8:00 do whatever, hang out with friends, browse internet, who knows

8:00-11:00 browse internet or dad talks to me for 2 hours

11:00 go to bed



11:00am-11:00pm do god knows what, i dont have that much of a predictable schedule.


I might hang out with my friends and end up doing nothing even though we say we should do something, or we go to mcdonalds or something. or i might browse the internet and/or talk on skype with people. or i might play video games. or my dad will come into my room and talk to me for hooours. boy, that man can talk. he tells me about foraging, eating better, and all kinds of other stuff (and he makes valid points mind you, this guy goes deep into his research). he actually plans on going to oklahoma and reconnecting with our people (kiowa indians)

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Well, I shall get around to mine now:

I live with my mom in a two-bedroom apartment in Indianapolis, Indiana, with a very modest low-income lifestyle.

She works nights at a bakery doing physical labor that she should not be doing.

A few months ago, I decided to stop attempting to look for a job and just get help with training for an economically secure job.


I have three nieces and two nephews aged six months to eight years between two older sisters who live a few miles away.

I see their kids a lot, and they call me Uncle Boone. They come over to their Grandma Sarah's a lot as opposed to some trashy, impersonal daycare.


Since September 2 of this year, my three-years-older sister decided to start going back to college to pursue being an energy engineer, so she can have a better job than a mere waitress.


So she brings her 2 year old boy, Christopher, at least every Monday-Friday, at least eight hours a day from the 815am to 10pm range. So it is a larger window of time that I gotta spend with her kids, and then my other sister's three kids... I gave up on some little pizza job or something, so I would refuse one even if I was offered one because helping my big sister get a better family-supporting job should happen... both my sisters are in families where both the mom and the dad work full-time, or are pursuing education.


I figure it is fair for me to be doing this for Emily because I'm starting CompTIA classes in November 18. My mom got home Internet installed on November 6, in exchange for us spending upwards of eleven hours a day some days getting her boys to do good stuff like eating fruits (often spending my own food stamp money) trying to get him to identify stuff, names of animals, colors, letters, via a toybox full of toys from the Dollar Tree... and when he starts to notice the Nintendo Wii in my room and thinks he can just force me to play video games while he watches and then randomly swipe the controller from me and stare at the idling action... well I usually just rapidly switch the teevee to the least-braindead thing for his baby brain: PBS Kids. And I literally word it this way, Christopher boy, how about we switch this teevee to something where you are having an actual narrative directed with themes at your baby brain. Understanding cause-and-effect doesn't develop until later.


PBS Kids is not a pay channel and is ironically superior to Nick Jr. And Disney Junior in the enrichment department.


So, I got a laptop and textbooks and must start classes by the 18th, but can start early, probably tomorrow.


I am taking CompTIA with Network+ certification classes. The idea is that I will use up every hour of the four or so hours a day (some days there is essentially less than one hour) to pursue these online classes with the blazing fast 10 megabit Internet. So, I'll have to use this Internet popular culture fun stuff very sparingly and just think about the future six months from now when I pass my classes and am on my way to my first job ever: a tech support job that is in high demand and more important thing to society than serving people McDonald's crap.


If Season 5 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic happens earlier in 2015, it will be almost literally the only serial-format popular culture thing I will have time to follow, as usual. That's usually how I like it, it is worth watching.


EDIT: yes, 10megabits a second truly is blazing fast for what I'm doing. 43 bucks a month.


The online college that I got a grant to, MedCerts, went ahead and gave me a laptop with 2GB of RAM on it, which goes well beyond the system requirements for the course. (Toshiba Satellite C55-B5299)

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Well, my week timetables are always different, but my day to day life is like this:


Wake up, get dressed, ride bike or catch metro, get to work, punch in, do daily work, punch  out for lunch, buy food, sit down in break room and do shit on my phone, go back to work, leave work, go home(unless it's payday), sit on bed, turn on laptop, browse internet, play vidya, eat whatever I can find or order something, go to bed.

Off days:

Get up at like 1 pm to 4 pm, turn on computer, sit on my ass all day unless I have something planned, go to bed.

Rather uneventful lifestyle. :mellow:  At least most of you still go to school.

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I wake up around 7:30-8

Eat breakfast

Get dressed

Go to school for a 2 hour math class


Back to school for English/Social studies

School ends I go to the bus stop (usally talk to this one guy who older and really nice)

Get dropped off at the stop go home

Give animal attention

Eat a snack

Play a video game

Aunt gets home eat dinner with her

Then back to video games till bed time


Weekends I usually go out on saturdays

And church on sunday.

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I wake up and go to school, and lately, I've only interacted with my family at night since I've been spending a lot of time at school in he evening.


It's usually my brothers and mom who are home, while my dad works out of town for a few weeks at a time before coming back. It's temporary ghough :wacko:.

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Being a college student with classes at different times of the day/week and no one to watch over me, I really don't have a schedule. I basically just do whatever I want/need to do for that day, and that's that.


Like, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have class early in the morning. On Tuesdays I usually stay at school all day, where I eat, study and then spend the rest of the night hanging out with my brony friends. On Thursdays, I don't usually do that, because it's the last workday of the week for me, and I'm eager to go home. Fridays I have no classes at all, and Monday through Thursday I have afternoon classes. Pretty complicated, right? It gets even more chaotic when it comes to managing homework and assignments for all my classes.


So yeah, my schedule is pretty much dependent on what day of the week it is, what my roommate is doing, what I feel like eating, and how much studying I need to do.

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