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S05:E10 - Princess Spike


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So we've had both a Wisconsin (or possibly Canadian) pony and a Minnesota pony who's also a Fargo reference?  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!  :lol:



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Is Twilight the sole event organizer? There's not somebody else who could go to for your rather petty issues, besides the other three princesses in attendance? I predict a theme here... 

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Dragon sneeze tree. Random tree to exist in Canterlot. Seems kind of contrived.


Not really a fan of the whole "keep everything quiet" plot.

Calling it, it's a "Spike learns a lesson about greed" episode.

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Two representatives from Up Manehattan have a pizza and a cup of coffee for Cutie Marks, respectively.


Um, the coffee cup pony was from Winneapolis and was a Minnesota/Fargo reference.



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Wow, how ungrateful. They couldn't be bothered to deal with their problems without Twilight's help, yet they blame her when everything goes awful? 


Though, what Cadence did with the water main was cool.


And thus, we have Spike acting like a complete idiot again, along with just about every single pony in Canterlot. 

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