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music 80s Music Thread

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I saw that there's a Metal Thread so I decided that the Forums needs a generic 80s music thread. Post any and all songs you jam out to that's from the 80s (which is the best decade for music but that's just me). Any music genre is welcomed too.

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Beat It- Michael Jackson

Smooth Criminal- Michael Jackson

Holding Out For a Hero- Bonnie Tyler

Super Mario Bros. Theme

We Didn't Start the Fire- Billy Joel

Radio Gaga- Queen

It's Raining Men- The Weather Girls

Take On Me- a-ha

Funkytown- Pseudo Echo

Most of the Mega Man 1-2 soundtrack

Honestly, there's a lot more to choose from, but I wanted to narrow it down to a couple. I'll upload them one by one.

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My profile page features such a track right now. :P



Asides from that, sheesh... I don't want to flood them all into the one post. Such great music from this decade. How about one more classic:


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Wait. I'm a terrible person for not posting this:



The only reason I would ever get married would be to play that song for our first dance.


R.I.P. Bowie <3 You were taken from us far too soon. 

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I love songs from the 1980s as that was the decade I was born in, so I definitely appreciate this thread existing. One of my personal favourite songs has to be "Mr. Roboto" especially since I've been listening to it as of late. I never used to know what the lyrics were but now I find myself able to memorize some of them.

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