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general Are you more of a night owl, or an early bird?

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Night owl all the way! Even when I’m tired I still have the ability to suddenly have all this energy if I get excited enough. Mornings, however, are too much of a struggle. Afternoons are better.

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On 7/7/2020 at 8:00 PM, HeavenSunset said:

I am such a night owl that i am an early bird

My body still thinks this is how I work, but after I stopped being a teenager, attempting this always leads to me falling asleep on my keyboard or something.


In general, I'm always going to be a night owl, because I almost never want to stop doing stuff and go to bed, but when I'm awake in the morning I never want to get out of bed. So inevitably my sleep cycle always drifts back to waking up minutes before I'm supposed to start doing my day job (or more accurately, before any of my coworkers would notice my absence...).

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I swear I’m usually an early bird. Just ignore the fact that it’s 2:15 in the morning and I still haven’t gone to sleep. :awwthanks:

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I'm an early bird. If I go to sleep before 12 am, I usually wake up at ~8 am or earlier. If I go to sleep after 12 am, I can sleep longer, but my absolute record is 10:40 am.

I'm truly fascinated by people who can stay awake all night. 3 years ago on a new year I tried to stay awake as long as I can and fell asleep at 2 am

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I am the Owl. I need his wisdom for the times to come. Many things are falling apart about myself, my name, my humanity, my identity. I feel the soul separating from the self and nothing will be left of this being.
The illusive nature of reality becomes apparent, and the core of my being is calling for the matrix this soul was born from. I miss mother of all, and hate father of all for what he's had me do on earth over millennia. I am done playing the game of the gods.

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20 hours ago, Iforgotmybrain said:

Night owl. I absolutely hate mornings.


SAME.  I'm not a morning person at all and I need two hours to wake up at times if anything. :lostit:

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