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Why do people blast their music in public?


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On 11/14/2020 at 10:48 AM, Kyoshi said:

From what I can tell, it is usually a case of classic attention whoring. People desperately wanting to be noticed by everyone else. Not absolutely everyone who blasts music is doing so with that in mind, but in my experience most are. When it is like that, it is purely irritating. What makes it much worse to me is simply the fact that most times when I hear it, it is one of two things: Rap or Country. If people are going to blast their music to the heavens, could they at least play music that isn't trash? :yeahno:

Well, it shouldn't come as any surprise that inconsiderate people would have trashy music tastes. lol

(Speaking of country here, I don't have any opinion on rap)

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1 hour ago, Envy said:

Well, it shouldn't come as any surprise that inconsiderate people would have trashy music tastes. lol

(Speaking of country here, I don't have any opinion on rap)

How would you react if you had that guy live across the street like I have? I talked about him in my other post. 

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I think it’s a form of insecurity and desire for attention. If people want to listen to their music loud, fine. But why make a point to roll down the windows and make it everyone else’s problem? Anyone who blasts their music, knowing how much of an intrusion it is on others’ space, has to be aware they’re making a public spectacle of themselves and must in fact be seeking to do so. I like to listen to my music loud, but when I’m in my car I roll up the windows when I get to a stop light or turn the volume way down. I feel self-conscious when something attracts attention to me. I don’t need someone else to be aware of, agree or disagree with my music choices; I’m secure in my own tastes and don’t like to share them.

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I believe some of them have genuine reasons to celebrate, and you can even feel the joy in their voices. While others are seeking attention, or even asking for help in a manner of speaking.

In other cases these individuals have something to "prove" themselves, as if being disrespectful would afford them the respect that they cannot grant themselves in life.
Like this very short man ripping apart some of the construction tape at one of the nearby buildings, and then walking all over the fresh concrete with an air of "pride" about him. Talk about having an inferiority complex.

I've seen "some" unrest and anti-natural behaviour, especially related to people blasting their music in public.

A few years ago, I was taking some fresh air. And then I hear this very loud music blasting from a van full people yelling at each other over the speakers. It was very late in the night in a residential area.
The driver starts to accelerate despite the red light. And as the automobile passes in front of me, a door on the back row opens, and they push someone out of the vehicle, while in motion.
The person looked like a transgender woman, who I believe was offering escort services, by the way she was dressing.
Then, this wounded woman tries to pull herself off the ground and starts throwing all manner of insults against them. But the men in the car just continue to accelarate, laughing all the while until they are gone.
And I am there, fased by the situation. And there is nobody else around.
Then this person picks up one of the high heels that was flung away during the attack and limps away, sobbing and mumbling to herself. And I'm still there just looking down at myself with a mix of sadness, shame and self-reprimand for doing absolutely nothing.

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