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What kind of forum poster are you?

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What kind of forum poster are you?  

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  1. 1. What kind of posts do you focus on?

    • I mostly RP.
    • I mostly contribute to general discussions.
    • I mostly post in life advice.
    • I'm here for the games!
    • I post or critique art.
    • I'm an all-round poster who likes to contribute to almost everything or everything.
    • I mostly lurk around the forums.

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I go with option six "I'm an all-round poster who likes to contribute to almost everything or everything."

But there ares some forums I don't contribute to like RP or previous generation, because I don't know this stuff. Other  forums I contribute less like EqG. But in general I'm all round and contribute to as many forums as I can.

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I'm a sneaky lurker with medium sneakiness... I hide in the shadows and when the perfect opportunity presents itself to strike... I SUDDENLY POST A TON! And then I go back to the shadows as if nothing happened, leaving every member on that forums contemplating the meaning of life itself. The mods are like "what in the forums was that?" and that's when they see my message -


I left pizza on the main page cause I need to do my dailies in video games (got to level up somehow and that's a good way of doing it).... and it's free. Also it's pepperoni so I apologize to those who don't like that type. ps - I call leftovers



I really don't know why I typed that it just seemed random and I wanted to post something random about posting lol. I actually don't lurk much on forums, if I'm not active I just log in sometimes to check what's happening and log off. And I'm also not really medium sneaky, I'm more of slightly sneaky but I'm not good at stealth lol.


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You know I used to post a lot. Reviving old threads and such but honestly I barely post anymore and I find myself drifting further and further away from here. I’ve got a lot of interests but mlp isn’t a big one for me anymore. I’ve moved on from it and really I’d been coming back to talk to people but mostly everyone I interact with has me on discord now anyway. I’m getting older and I’ve got other interests. I’m going to be a lot less active and I won’t lie honestly I might fully just phase on out of here sometime in the near future. 

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Mostly lurking. I tend to browse the General Section, and Clubs. There are times when I would like to post more elaborate posts (particularly in the latter section), but that requires notable time investment, which results in me not posting often.

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