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  • LinusTechTips
  • JayzTwoCents
  • Barnacules Nerdgasm
  • Paul's Hardware
  • HardwareCanucks
  • Tek Syndicate
  • Jerma985
  • STAR_
  • TotalBiscuit
  • danooct1
  • Rogueamp
  • Scott Manley

Wow, I have a lot of favorites.

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Some of them have dropped out of favor as time has gone by (became too much like Pewdiepie for my taste) but here's the list.


- LinusTechTips

- JayzTwoCents

- TearofGrace

- Lobos Jr.

- EpicNameBro

- TotalBiscuit

- Northernlion

- TheSw1tcher

- 2Snacks

- Yrimir

- Tek Syndicate

- OroboroTheNinja

- Barnacules Nerdgasm


Mostly video game and technology themed channels.

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I watch so many youtubers, but I'll only list the channels I watch the most/my favorites






Black Gryph0n

The Living Tombstone

Black Nerd Comedy

Chris Stuckmann









Aficionados Chris

League of Super Critics

BobSamurai Anime Reviews

Emer Prevost

Ninja Sex Party

Screen Junkies


Jerry Peet



Alex Side








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My favorite youtubers are:


- Alex Side

- Ratchetness

- Chuggaaconroy

- Obabscribbler

- TheRunawayGuys

- HyugaVault

- ShikasClouds

- SillouetteNeos

- TeamFourStar

- Versus 

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Mr. Poladoful - brazilian

Danger Dolan - even though I can't really understand half the things he says

Steampianist - awesome Oliver songs

momocashew - awesome Oliver songs²

Mitchie M - makes Miku sounds so perfect *3*

IMMATOONLINK - so random :3

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Two Best Friends Play, Vinesauce, Cryaotic, and Rob Dyke. That's about it if you don't count music which I don't feel like naming all of them.


But I only really pay attention to Two Best Friends Play and Vinesauce so they're my favorites.

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-Angry Video Game Nerd

This is better :)





Non in general. I tend to dislike youtube, its an unhealthy addiction where much stuff i dont like exists there. I tend to watch some stuff here and there, or just find music clips or game clips. Generally there is more youtubers i hate then i like.


Although i do believe it has improved since it existed back then due to people being more critical about what they are exposed to online.

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well a have a list of 40 so I will just give the top 20 

1. JonTron
2. PeanutButterGamer
3. YuriOfWind (this guy needs to be more popular) 
4. RabbidLuigi

5. ProJared
6. Caddicarus
7. JelloApocalypse
8. CinemaSins
9. The Game Theorists 

10. Joshscorcher

11. FluffyMixer (Fluffle Puff)

12. Jaltoid

13. Yudhaikeledai

14. SwordlessLink

15. Madeon

16. ERB

17. Silly Filly Studios 

18. Chuggaaconroy

19. ADoseOfBuckley

20. JerryPeet

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It's sort of a toss up on how I am feeling as different youtubers provide different things. My main youtubers that I enjoy are:







Sargon of Akkad

Game Grumps





Depends on the day and how I am feeling, but they each would have classified as my favorite at some point so there is no order to them. I enjoy a nice spread to my media.

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I watch a lot of music channels, so my favourite YouTubers in that section are Rob Scallon, Jared Dines and SpectreSoundStudios. Other channels I'm into are ADoseofBuckley, Cody Briscoe, Ten Second Songs, Undertakerfreak1127, Caddicarus and a few others.

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Ashens. Met him at a comic-con last summer. Such a great and funny guy, I have tons of respect for him.


Brutalmoose. Such an underrated game reviewer, he's one of the very few that can actually make me laugh.

Caddicarus, too. Their constant rivalry with one another is just perfect.


Tennings He's so underrated it hurts. Please go and check him out. He recently did a marathon of all the Dingo Pictures 'movies'. 


JonTron. Great informative and entertaining videos. Just wish he'd make more of them!


I refuse to list anymore there's just too many. These are my absolute faves, though.

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PeanutButterGamer He was probably My first favorite youtuber


Satchbag's Goods I only just recently started watching this guy's videos, and he has some pretty good stuff.


Yungtown  This guy has a lot of good videos, but it seems like not enough people know about him.


StephenPlays  I don't really have the patience to watch let's plays, but I'll occasionally watch a few of this guy's videos. 

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  • Sargon of Akkad - keep fighting the good fight, man.

Thunderf00t - same to you, my man.

AngryJoeShow - keep those reviews coming! 

theneedledrop - I just love you.

TheDevildogGamer / RHINOCRUNCH / SideStrafe / PsiSyndicate - keep that gameplay coming, guys.

TheSw1tcher - xD

Rooster Teeth - lol

TotalBiscuit - your reviews are pretty spot on.

FRANKIEonPC - God, he's just God.

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