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What is your favorite Color Combination?


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I love mixing pinks and purples. They compliment each other really nicely, can fit into a wide variety of scenarios, and are just generally pleasing to the eye. Any mixes of bright pinks to deep indigo. Although no neon. e.e

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My favorite color is lavender/lilac and I also really love colors in the teal family. I discovered when making my pony self (the pony in my avatar) that a light teal/seafoam green looks quite lovely with lavender! :)


I also enjoy a nice sky blue with light purple. ^_^ Blues and purples seem to go well together. :fluttershy:

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Red/Pink- (I don't use this combo at all on anything, because people would be on to me... but it just looks amazing to me. If only Valentine's day was a better day...)



Blue/Black- (This is the color combination of my computer, for the most part.)



Purple/Pink- (Twilight's color combination. Of course! :squee:. It just looks good in general.)


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Mine are Blue with White lines or symbols the most, because they would make a flag look more peaceful and alive.


I also like Blue with Yellow (like the lovely Flag of Sweden), Green with Yellow, Red with White, Black with White, and Purple with Yellow.


Also, Red-Orange-Yellow, because I like fiery colours.

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