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general media Do you have Instagram?


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you just log on and off that app all the time or do u keep 2 phones/tablets for each? :v


I only have one that I don't really use that much since ppl don't seem to give much sheets about it... javaleen is the name 

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I don't have Instagram. I don't understand it and I don't want it. I don't have social media accounts anywhere anymore (except this tasty pony forum) and that suits me perfectly.  

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No Instagram here

I created a twitter account shortly after I joined here, but no Instagram.

9 hours ago, BoopMan said:

I do but i barely use it. Discord is really the only "social media" that i use.

As long as we can boop you back on Discord it's fine :>

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I have an account, but I only really use it as a means of contacting friends. I'm not really a social media person. :3

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