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animation Favorite Animated Shows of the 2010s?

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Since we have a movie thread and a music and a video game thread on this topic, I think it's about time to get to animated shows. They've seen quite the renaissance that's lasted throughout this decade and resulted in some great shows being produced (and also ending in most cases) in that time. So what are your favorites of the bunch?


I would say this would be roughly my top 5:

  1. Steven Universe
  2. Rick and Morty
  3. BoJack Horseman
  4. Over the Garden Wall 
  5. Gravity Falls 

Honorable Mentions to: We Bare Bears, MLP: FiM, Infinity Train, and Adventure Time.


Of course not counting Hazbin Hotel in this list because, it only has one episode as of this point. And I also didn't include anime, though I don't watch much anime so it wouldn't make much of a difference.

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I think MLP FIM because I am biased! But also because FIM decided to keep the thick outline stylish design all the way through the decade, where other cheaper shows went the 3D way.


Not only was I impressed by FIM's art direction and animation style, but I was heavliy inspired by it and the fanbase during 2010 to 2013 (until wings were applied to Twilight, and Equestria Girls were created)

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My favorite animated shows from the 2010's are:


  1. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  2. Unikitty!
  3. Gravity Falls 
  4. DuckTales (2017)
  5. DC Superhero Girls (2019)
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MLP FiM goes first place, duh. It reminded me there's more to the world than scum. Great animation and an actual groundbreaking animation for flash into the higher media industry (I know there were the total dramas, but their animation was really stiff), lots of sutile jokes for the older audience, great animation even during the early seasons, high quality music score, lovely aesthetic that mostly didn't give you diabetes, nice world building in early seasons, memorable characters and moments. And up to this point, I haven't said a single word on the fandom.

Gravity falls. Great jokes and an interesting plot. Add up smooth animation and great background and amazing shading, and you get one of the many classics from this decade.

Over the garden wall. Awesome storytelling, great grim plot, nice picture. I hate the musicals, though.

Ducktales. It was the perfect reboot adapted to the end of the decade. It combines some elements from the comics with the animated show, but tones it up and adapts it with fluid, stilyzed animation according to the decade's trend.

Gumball. This one is mainly due the technical and artistic varieties and the jokes.

Honorable mentions go to Dan VS. And Adventure time. The former because it was contemporary to mlp and it was actually nice. A shame it didn't last longer. The later because it, along with mlp, changed the way animation industry goes. Adventure time showed you can have a cartoon get serious without losing it's cartoony feeling. It was sillh yet grim as hay. Still, I hate it put on the trend those damn noodle limbs.

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I won’t be original here. My favorite shows of the decade (in no particular order): MLP FiM, Adventure Time, BoJack Horseman, Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall, Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls. Also, I mostly enjoyed new South Park seasons that came out during this decade, although SP isn’t, of course, a 2010s, having started in the 90s.

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3 hours ago, Renegade the Unicorn said:

DuckTales 2017

Star vs. (til Season 3)

I've only watched the pilot of DuckTales 2017... :sealed: It was really good, even if it felt at times I couldn't understand what Donald Duck is trying to express, and that hurts it a bit.

Star VS. until the episodes after the Battle for Mewni was an excellent show... After that it was a mediocre at best (and some of the worst episodes of any animated show I've ever seen at worst) insult to the fans of the show. Which is why in all honesty I can't put it here. Steven Universe gets away with its atrocious first season because at least it can't be ignored altogether (though most of it can, including its awful pilot), and its also not *completely* horrible. Plus the rest of the show is absolutely amazing. That always helps.

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  1. Shugo Chara Party! 
  2. Lilpri
  3. Fairy Tail
  4. Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated 
  5. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
  6. Mighty B!
  7. Gravity Falls
  8. Wonder over Yonder
  9. Noragami
  10. Sailor Moon Crystal 
  11. Star vs. The Forces of Evil
  12. Kiss Him, Not Me
  13. The Powerpuff Girls
  14. Legand Quest
  15. Fairy Tail, the Final Season

(I legit just listed all of my favorite animated ones from 2010- 2019 I hope you realize that)

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Top 10


1. Monogatari series 

2. Mo Dao Zu Shi 

3. Houseki no Kuni

4. Made in Abyss

5. Aku no Hana    

6. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

7. Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei 

8. Miru Tights

9.  LotGH DNT

10. Kuzu no Honkai 





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Aside from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, the 2010’s gave us the timeless classic Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Ever since I finished college, I went back to my Anime roots and got into Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure and Attack on Titan. Those are my 4 favorite shows of the decade

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Honestly? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. There were a lot of other great 2010’s cartoons, but MLP:FiM was just a big part of my personal life and really influenced my writing and drawing styles, and honestly in general it was just a show that had a lot of influence on me as a person to the point where I would probably my favorite show of all time.

That said though, Steven Universe is a very close second.

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FiM, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Infinity Train… although, to be fair, there are a lot of shows other people mentioned that I haven’t watched yet.

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Besides the obvious MLP? I really liked Regular Show and Bob’s Burgers. Korra was great despite an awful second season. Dragon Ball Super is a really great surprise. I still watching it, but I’m really liking Transformers Cyberverse 

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