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What makes you unique?


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I play the bassoon. Although perhaps that doesn't make me too unique. It doesn't matter where I've gone, I've always been surrounded by many other bassoon players. I guess we're quite common where I live. lol. But still, the majority doesn't even know what one is. I constantly get asked what it is I play and they're like "...Oh. I have no idea what that is."


Perhaps it is actually my obsession with woodwind instruments that would make me stick out. I'm probably the only one in orchestra thinking "OMG... We have an English horn, a bass oboe, and a contrabassoon. OMG"


There's also the fact that I really enjoy listening to Renaissance choral music. And on top of that I'm an Atheist. They don't actually contradict each other in any way, it's just funny to be listening to deeply religious music commissioned by the church for the church. It's just ironic that I probably enjoy the music more than the majority of church-goers. I'd go to a church service just to see some of those pieces performed. I also really enjoy church architecture, but... the main unique thing here is that I actually enjoy that style of music. It's not one that many seem to appreciate.

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All right, I'll name a few things.

-My appearance really makes me stand out from the crowd. I don't know what it is, but I just do. It makes me sorta uncomfortable...

-I'm really quiet around strangers, but I can be pretty funny

-I'm good at faking accents

-I never really do anything with my hair, unlike other 15 year old girls

-I'd rather play videogames all day than go to the mall or whatever like most teenage girls do

-I'm not boy obsessed and I don't fawn over images of guys with six packs

-I couldn't care less about modeling, celebrities, and gossip about celebrities. Oh my God, I don't understand people who do that. Who cares what color scarf Britney Spears was wearing when she went to wherever?? People who do that seriously need lives! It's scary!

-I really don't like big parties.

-Guys tend to get my sense of humor more.

-I actually like classical music.

-If I listen to a song enough I can play it on the piano, chords and all, given that it's easy enough. (Midna's Lament from Zelda, for example)

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i think its my ability to stay calm in the most stressful gaming situations, how people rage when they are killed. I think "oh i was killed, just wait, you'll get yours ;)"


You mean you standed Navi screaming bullshit during the whole game without complaining? Hats off to you good sir, quite an achievement

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I have a two-part birth scar on my neck that was caused by the doctor's scalpel. I was born via Cesarean section and got a little nick during the process. It's a small, circular, brown spot just below the Adam's apple, and there's an ever so slightly darker spot further up my neck; that spot was where my neck touched my chest at the time of birth as I was still in the fetal position.


Here's a picture of it. Forgive the terrible quality, but I had no alternative to the lame bathroom mirror trick and trying to angle the camera to get a discernible close-up of that area isn't easy.



Posted Image


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My dark sense of humor, meaning I make jokes out of things most people would find disturbing. On top of that, I tend to like darker things than most people such as songs, games, movies, etc. Oh and clothes, definitely black clothing all the time. I'm well versed in mythologoy as well, given if its Greek or Egyptian. Viking and the rest? Not so much.

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Hmm.. I guess I'm unique because of how mature I am for some one who is 14. I don't get involved in bad situations and for the most part I don't curse. I think things through and would rather spend the day in a library or book store then going to get my hair done or go clothes shopping.

I'm also very creative. I'm good at writing but for some reason I can never finish a novel or fan fic. I also love to draw. Drawing and listening to music is the only thing that makes me calm.

Also I'm not afraid to show off the things I love. For example, Ponies

I wore my My Little Pony backpack while wearing my Pinkie Pie jacket to school last week and I smiled when people gave my strange looks.

But for some reason I can't talk to strangers.I get nervous to order my own food or check out at a store because I'm afraid they'll try to talk to me or something will go wrong and I won't know what to do.

I also can get really obsessed really quickly and I tend to annoy people by talking too much about it. :wacko:

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My love for music...

I composed a complete song for my 8th grade band

I learned 10 different instruments with no lessons...

I love all genres of music (And I do mean all)

I've learned how to play guitar flexibly (almost all genres)



Everything else...

Then there's some things that I can do that no one else can...

I can move the skin on my forehead without touching it

I can do something after reading the instructions once

I dislike everything about America's government.

I'm double jointed in both of my hands, and am able to dislocate my thumb...

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I have a unique crc32 checksum, and a really bad hacked md5 One way hash that is unsafe to use.

But at least I feel unique, a little bit of salt and you can be unique too! :orly:


Did anyone get what I was talking about?


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I love both really cute and happy things and dark and depressing things at the same time. It’s quite an odd mix.

I also love writing, drawing, and gaming, and I seem to like a lot of stuff outside my gender norm which is probably why I had a lot of opposite sex friends when I was little.

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I can sing pretty well. And I'm good at mixed martial arts, self defense and parkour. I wear dark colors all the time and I'm told I'm 'complicated,' which I take as a compliment.

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1 hour ago, Clawdeen said:

I don’t think I have anything that particularly stands out that other people don’t have.

Maybe you blend those things together in a unique way ? :mlp_smug:

Like I know I don't have something that *no one else* has but I like to think that what I do have, I bring in it out in a way no one else does. B)

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I’m sure there there are few people like me who feels like I was born in a wrong generation. Someone who have experienced many thing beyond my age. I’m quite aware of many things more than I show.  I feel either too old for my age or just born the wrong time. The weirdest kind of feeling is where I feel like I have experienced things when in reality,  I haven’t yet. And I’d like to share it but fear that people will mistook it for something else or say “you don’t know anything because you’re not even there to experience it”. And that makes me feel misplaced. 

These feelings I got are mostly from my dreams. I believe my dreams tells me something and it’s more than just “dreams”. I would like to think I have a bit of talent for conjuring dreams that is needed for me know or be aware of things. Example I believe my dream  conjure bits from my past life memories. Hence why I often feel like I’m experiencing something that my waking life hasn’t. It’s hard to explain it or try to make reason for it- so if I have people say otherwise, I don’t blame them. 

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I'm unique because I'm undeniably me. And because of my interests. I mean where else are you going to find a bisexual who's into sports, ponies, Evangelion, indie folk music, and planes n shit? If you meet one let me know, I'm still looking.

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