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If ponies could drive what would their car be?


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The title says it all, if the ponies had the ability to operate the common automobile, what would they drive?


Do it like this:


X(name of pony)-Y (car make and model)

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Rainbow Dash - Sports car with rainbow PAINT!


Twilight Sparkle: Smart car that's purple.

Fluttershy: A Pink and Yellow Prius

Applejack: An orange Cargo Truck

Rarity: A beautiful purple classic car (Like the first cars ever) that has white seats.

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Rainbow would get a Mustang

Applejack would get a Chevy Pickup

Fluttershy wouldn't drive because it's scary

Rarity would drive a vespa

Twilight Sparkle would use a Honda Civic

Pinkie would get a generic party bus or a VW Bug

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Rainbow Dash-Ford GT(Fast and good looking, you're definately driving 20% cooler with that car)


Applejack-Classic Ford Mustang (Powerful, Old School and reliable. It isn't called a "Pony Car" for nothing ;) )


Rarity-Maserati Gran Cabrio (A car that is expensive, beautiful and unique. The open-version will keep the stunned viewers focused on Raritys beauty)


Twilight Sparkle-Mini Cooper S (A smart car, that combines power and comfort and should not be judged by it's tame look)


Pinkie Pie-Fiat500 (A quick and incredible agile car that is just fun to drive)


Fluttershy-Jaguar E-Type (A lightweight car that looks pretty and hides it's power under the fragile-looking exteriour. And I think Fluttershy could have a faible for old-timers ;) )


Haha these are awesome, I could totally imagine Dashie cruising around in a Firebird :D Edited by PonyPunk
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For a show based off selling toys.. their toys are ... never mind.


I can see Pinkie Pie in an Ice cream truck.

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Mare-Do-Well would drive the Bat Mobile!


Twilight Sparkle would drive an Edsel.


Molestia would drive a windowless delivery van loaded with free candy for all the good ponies.


Rainbow Dash would drive a Flux Capacitor equipped Delorian.


Spike would drive...I got nothin'!


Rarity wouldn't drive. She'd be driven in a 1930 model Cadillac sixteen Imperial limousine!


Applejack would drive a NASCAR!


Fluttershy would drive a VW Rabbit.


Pinkie Pie would drive an Abrams Tank with a 120 mm L44 M256 smoothbore party cannon!

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:P : Smart car

:) : Icecream truck!

:( : One of those safari jeeps where you drive them into the forest

:huh: : Apple cart (more like pulling it)

:wub: :Blue ferrari with custom rainbow stripes

:D :Some sort of classy vintage car

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Twilight Sparkle - Light purple-blue Mini Cooper. I mean come on, the thing's adorkable xD


Rainbow Dash - Rainbow-painted Bugatti Veyron. She'd probably get an F1, though that's about as legal as a meth lab.


Applejack - Red pick-up truck. Redneck swag my son.


Pinkie Pie - A pink Ice Cream truck of course : D


Fluttershy - Green Toyota Prius. Come on now, you think she's going to harm the enviroment with fossil fuels?


Rarity - Deep Purple Rolls Royce Phantom with white leather seats, classy.

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Spike would drive a bike because he's too young to get a driver's license. And he would have training wheels because he falls all the time. The bike would have a wicker basket for all of Twilight's stuff.

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